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Upgrading a save-file issues

October 28, 2010 — BarryK
Guys, just to let you know that I am aware of problems with upgrading a save-file, such as it breaks things.

I have just tested the new code that asks if you want to upgrade, and that works. Good, but I became aware of fundamental problems with upgrading.

It is the way that the /etc/rc.d/rc.update script works. I had previously installed the Intel video upgrade PET, but when the save-file was upgraded, many of the files got reverted to the "official" ones -- result, broken X and I had to use Xvesa.

I had also previously upgraded to the latest Adobe Flash Player, and that also got reverted to the "official" one.

These are not new problems, they have been there since Puppy started. I have put this on the to-do list and intend to tackle it after Wary 5.0-final is released.


Upgrades and SFS files
Username: CLAM01
Barry, what you describe regarding upgrades that don't stick (reboot brings the previous) is what occurs when upgrades to parts of sfs files are attempted. Puppy SFS files appear to be not upgradable. I found this by making periodic md5sum checks for both puppy main sfs files (including custom ones) and add-on sfs files. I was checking to see what might get added in web-exposure. I had the same result as you downloading and installing a newer flash, and OKing seamonkey upgrades, while a new Opera sfs tried to auto-upgrade and locked up for being unable to. I consider sfs files not upgrading a valuable security feature. It does mean one has to download the new version and make a new sfs file of it, then add it as a separate sfs. I think a solid core puppy, with all components anticipated to need upgrading made available as add-on sfs files, so they could be switched in and out would be interesting. On another topic, while I am writing, Iǘe noticed that while puppy process manager is able to turn laptop cpu cooling fans on when frequency-scaling is activated it appears to only toggle the switch so the fans will come on at next boot, and only if the laptop cpu was hot enough to trigger the toggle at time of previous shutdown. For this laptop cpu fans are started only every other boot (on mine if the cpu temp was 40c or more at shutdown). For the cpu being cooled that boot the fan switch is toggled to off at that shutdown. If this could be cured it would be 'cool'... If it can't be easily, the p-process monitor should be on the basic puppy menu-bar, or installed with cpu-frequency-scaling activation, so cpu temp can be monitored.

Caution Statement
Username: bigpup
"Barry, I have a how to post,in the forum, on ways to install Puppy Linux. Does this look like a good caution statement about upgrade of save files? Caution Upgrade of Save File There are fundamental problems with upgrading a save-file, such as it breaks things. It is the way that the /etc/rc.d/rc.update script works. If you install an upgrade PET for a Puppy Linux core program, when the save-file is upgraded to a newer version of Puppy Linux, many of the files get reverted to the "official" ones -- result, that program may not work. Example: Had previously upgraded to the latest "Adobe Flash Player", upgraded the save file to a newer version of Puppy Linux, and "Adobe Flash Player" also got reverted to the "official" one. These are not new problems, they have been there since Puppy started.

Re upgrade save-file
Username: BarryK
"bigpup, Well yes, except that I intend to look at it soon and hopefully fix it. Also, the current situation is ok for many/most people, their save-file does not get broken.

Seamonkey Upgrade Save-Filed
Username: CLAM01
"On my last booted session when I started Seamonkey 2.0.9 it installed an upgrade to 2.0.10 that it had previously downloaded for install at next start. The upgrade was installed to my pup-save file and applied to Seamonkey 2.0.9 in the main sfs. It screwed up my Seamonkey, made tabs not work, deleted saved tabbed sites and so on. I deleted the downloaded upgrade file and rebooted, restarted Seamonkey and was returned to a working 2.0.9., with tabs and my tabbed files, their urls retained in my pup-save. I like being able to undo auto-adds like this What I do when I upgrade is move what I want to retain out of my pup-save (root) directory to a directory I make in /mnt/home, reboot with a different puppy, open(and mount) my to be updated pup-save in rox, delete everything showing in the rox window, so my pup-save is empty, unmount the pup-save, shutdown and then start and install the upgrade from cd. After the install I add my files removed before upgrading. This method eliminates all problems, including the problem of puppy installer not finding puppy files because it waits before looking until the cd has shut down, and then does not wait long enough for the cd to start up before quitting its search for puppy files (this problem I have found none of the suggestions for solutions for to work around).

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