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Vodafone wireless yes-go!

October 30, 2010 — BarryK
Rerwin read my previous blog post and sent me a pm with a suggestion, which worked.

The fundamental thing that I was doing wrong was plugging the modem in after bootup. I was doing that as I had to do that on previous times when I was using it successfully, with an earlier version of Wary/Quirky. I also plug it in after bootup in Windows.

However, rerwin informed me that for correct initial detection it should be plugged in at bootup, and that USB devices should get preference over other modem interfaces.

Yet, his advice was correct. I booted Wary 0.9.4 with "pfix=ram" and the modem plugged in. I checked and saw that usb-modeswitch had worked. I ran PupDial and it detected /dev/ttyUSB3, which worked right off, no need to mess around with ttyUSB1 and ttyUSB3 like before.

In other words, this is a significant improvement.

What I need to do next is see what happens on future boots, whether I can plug it in after bootup.

I would like to thank rerwin (Richard) for his great patience, dealing with all of these problems. And I know that I tend to be very demanding when things don't work right.

My experience does highlight an issue though, that we will need to address. Others are also going to think that they can just plug in their wireless modem after bootup, so perhaps there needs to be some kind of message about that, if they don't succeed.


Reboot, works
Username: BarryK
I have just booted Wary with the modem plugged in beforehand, and it is working seamlessly, on /dev/ttyUSB3.

Vodafone no-go again
Username: BarryK
"It failed again. I have kept logs, will send them to rerwin. I booted up, with modem plugged in. This time usb-modeswitch failed. Then I noticed 'option' had not loaded, which it did before, so I ran "modprobe option", replugged modem and usb-modeswitch succeeded, however PupDial could not find a modem. I tested with 'modem-stats' -- nup, no modem. The strange thing is, when I loaded the option module, I ran lsmod and saw that 'cdc_acm' had also loaded, which did not happen before. I was getting this inconsistent module loading before, last time I was in Perth and was trying to use this modem. Sometimes cdc_acm would load, sometime option, sometimes neither. I could not get the modem to work, so I rebooted with "pfix=ram" and guess, what, it works right off! 'lsmod' shows that 'option' has loaded (and not cdc_acm). So, something is getting remembered in the save file that is upsetting things.

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