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Wary 0.9.4 released

October 29, 2010 — BarryK
Another beta release in the Wary series, this has a "new" kernel,

If you have been following my blog, you will know that the exciting thing about this kernel is that I was able to compile our complete collection of analog (dialup) modem drivers.

As I have included all of these modem drivers, plus SCSI drivers, the .iso is big, 122MB. Note, I do plan eventually to also build a trimmed-down .iso at under 100MB.

Download from here:

f181e39c70227b47a3bf9bdcf39bbbd5 wary-094-k2.6.31.14-allmodules.iso
c3af0d4211fdfa9f2a783954c45c7c48 wary_devx_094.sfs

There are some things that we need to work out with the dialup modules, so they won't all work out-of-the-box:

1. Intel 536/537, some modules are hidden.
2. Agrsm, some modules are hidden.
3. Conflict between ESS and PCTel modules.
4. Smartlink sometimes claims a modem first but it doesn't work.
5. Firmware for Conexant HSF/HCF may be, we will be working on these issues!

Oh, one very interesting thing: My OpenOffice 3.1.1 SFS worked, without needing any Java components.


Wary 094 forum feedback
Username: BarryK
I have started a forum thread for feedback:

Funny Startup
Username: Grumpywolfe13
"Barry The one thing I want to say boy does it run smooth with lots of speed, only sour thing to say is when first booting and it cam to the select language the screen went to showing code but when I used the up and down arrows was able to see the language screen one small piece at a time but fine after that

Re text over lanuage dialog
Username: BarryK
"Grumpywolfe13, Do you recall anything about the content of the text that was overwriting the language selection window? Maybe it was one of the analog modem modules spitting out some messages. If you are familiar with what modules normally get loaded, you can run "lsmod" and see if there is anything extra this time, it may be one of the modem modules. Some of those modem modules load even when you don't have a analog modem.

Wary 094 mirror
Username: BarryK
"Now available at NLUUG mirror:

Username: Grumpywolfe13
"list of lsmod to long to post here but in computer information found this Intel Corp 82801CA/Cam AC 97 Audio Controler. Will try and reproduce it and get back with you

Big - Pt I
Username: Sage
"It is big! Bug-free coding, I was taught years ago, is impossible - allegedly based on rigorous statistical analysis, leaving aside fixable 'mistakes'. A matter of perception and philosophy. Look at the first two pages of feedback on the Forum. Correspondents from N. America seem to regard 'old' machines as kit that most of RoW only dream about. It has proved a futile exercise to cater for all HW in the field and probably undesirable to attempt to do so for rogue operators, eg like Intel, Conexant & co. as evidenced by monumental efforts to accommodate their highly irregular modems, presently discussed. Ditto non-standard designs of eg Intel graphics/sound. Historically, OS developers had been less forgiving, especially with regard to automated HW checking and driver loading, although that is changing. There comes a point where users who blindly support the miscreants [b]must[/b] be prepared to open the box, read the chip number, d/l driver and load it themselves. It was always like this. Having clever guys like BK shoehorn virtually everything into their creations we are in danger of losing important skills?

Big - Pt II (wouldn't all fit on one blast).
Username: Sage
"One caveat. Linux developers and the trade have had a shocking record of denying regular folks access to the tools they need. Developers, closeted in their ivory towers, for a decade only deigned to talk amongst themselves. Fortunately that is/has changed, although the arcane business of file compression (tgz, bz2), extraction and installation (/make, /. - uh?!) still needs overhauling. As for the trade - nothing but contempt for the proprietary box pushers and their capitalistic intentions. Thankfully, most of our hardware is now manufactured by The Peoples No.3 Video chip Factory to designs approved by The Central Party Committee - but not all designs. Oh yes, the extreme right-wing Republicans under Bush's evil empire were right when they pronounced 'Operating Systems are too important to be under monopoly control', and so it is with HW. SW and HW are inseparable, apparently?

Xorg Intel G31/G33 -1024x768
Username: Terryphi
"Xorgwizard is [i]still[/i] troublesome for me setting resolution at 1024x768 using Intel 82G31/33 chipset. I am able to do it but resolution is not saved on next boot and reverts to a higher resolution. The only solution is to use my custom xorg.conf described at:

OO sfs Java Shocker
Username: Terryphi
"As CatDude points out in the forum the OO sfs contains Java! I hadn't noticed because Seamonkey does not detect it. It is an old version 1.6.0_16.

boot message
Username: Grumpywolfe13
"Hi Barry Hide save file did a reboot and here is most of what showed up hope it helps [code]Pid: 7823, comm: modprobe Tinted:p lots of numbers Process modprobe (pid 7823, ti=dfo3a000 task=df332a90 task.ti=df03a90) more numbers Call Trace [<c1054a4a>] ? sys_init_modulet0x9a/0x1f0>] [c1002ed4>] ? sysenter_do_call+0x12/0x26 Code: Bad EIP value EIP: [<00000001>] 0x1 SS: ESP 0068:df03bf90 CR2:0000000000000001 [end trace 929ele2bbc58cde2] Clock source tsc unstable (delta=-134793565ns)[/code]

re screen dump
Username: BarryK
"Grumpywolf13, It looks like a module failed when it tried to load. Don't know which one though. Probably one of the analog modem drivers. Does your PC have a dialup modem? If so, do you have any description of it?

Re HSF modem
Username: BarryK
"Bool, Did you read the feedback thread in the forum? There are updated firmware tarballs. You do need to remove the entry from /etc/modules/firmware.inst., so that on next boot the new firmware will load. Also, in the forum you can interact with rerwin to solve the problem. He recommends running his 'pmodemdiag' program to provide a report that he can analyse.

Re HSF modem again
Username: BarryK
"Bool, Oh, just looking at your post again, we are not discussing Lucid Puppy here, we are discussing Wary. Wary built with the kernel. Lucid is not and will not be built with that kernel and does not have the HSF modem drivers.

Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi barry I've been trying to compile eglibc-2.11.2 on Wary and keep getting this error [code]> # make[2]: *** No rule to make target `../manual/errno.texi', needed by `../sysdeps/gnu/errlist.c'. Stop.[/code] any idea's how to fix it? on another note gcc-4.4.5 compiled fine :) after patches

Username: technosaurus
"did you try manually copying the manual directory into your build tree? sounds like another autotools failure also if you are trying to compile with -Os there is a line in stat.h that needs to be edited (assuming that part is the same as glibc, the error is: undefined reference to fstatat64) it has been broken since 2007 but the fix is referenced here: after finding that I stopped thinking about eglibc because I wasn't sure if flash, skype etc... would still work

Username: BarryK
"I did a search at, and file 'errno.texi' is in package 'gnulib':

Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry and others :) What I'm trying to do is build a Wary version that is Binary compatible with Debian -Sid, THe Glibc used in T2 is very close in version numbering to the latest Wary. Its would be ideal if building a future T2 release from scratch to use the same Glibc, Gtk, Glib, pango as a corresponding major disto like Debian or Ubuntu, then you would have a minimal T2 and Dpup/Upup release. So you average user could use either or packages. Yes I know that Debian and Ubuntu have extra deps, but they aren't always needed, like for C and Qt apps. Even some Gtk2 apps don't need Gconf etc, But even still a Dpup,Upup expansion SFS could be built with extra gnome parts if need be. But to have a minimal universal base would be Ideal for T2 and Upup/Dpup. I'll keep working on it and will report back. Just remember with 2.14X I was able to remove the glibC from 2 series and add 3 Series GlibC with system links to the older 2 series GlibC names, It was a pain, but worked perfectly in that case. I just think it would better If we made the base more universal and with a possibility to be able to expand it into other distro's if need be. ttuuxxx

fyi: ibiblio problem
Username: scsijon
"wary-094-k2.6.31.14-allmodules.iso is giving a "server error" on trying to download from ibiblio, however nluug seems to be ok. regards scsijon

re ibiblio problem
Username: BarryK
"No, haven't touched it. Note that Wary 096 is a couple of days away.

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