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Wary Puppy 0.9 released

October 09, 2010 — BarryK
This is a beta-quality release for evaluation and bug-fixing by Puppy enthusiasts.

I have created an introduction page that explains what Wary is all about:

Forum member tronkel has started a forum thread to discuss how Wary can (or cannot) fit into the "scheme of things":

I created two builds, with or kernels. I recommend chose the most recent kernel, unless you have a particular need for SCSI support or one of the analog modem drivers not provided with the latest kernel. Or, of course, if the recent kernel doesn't work on your hardware, let us know.

Download live-CD ISO files and the 'devx' SFS from here:

...the main ISO file with kernel is 111.6MB.

The kernel source SFS files can be downloaded from here:
Us#er#na#me: pu#pp#y Pa#ss#wo#rd: li#nu#x

Please note that Wary 0.9 has been completely recompiled from source in T2. Wary 0.7 is an earlier compile in T2, using 7.3+ versions as used in Debian Lenny, whereas 0.9 is rolled back to the original 7.3.

As Wary 0.9 is intended to be the basis of a long-term Puppy-series, I have converted all the binary packages that I compiled in T2 into PETs, including _DOC and _NLS PETs and uploaded them:

...these are available in the 'puppy-wary5' repo in the Puppy package Manager (PPM). Please note that I have to do a bit of work to tidy this up, as some packages listed in PPM are already installed in Wary. I also need to tidy up how the _DOC, _DEV and _NLS packages are listed.

The 'puppy-wary5' repo has the 'mesa' package if you want to add the DRI drivers for extra performance. Note, Wary already has the openGL libraries built-in. 'puppy-wary5' also has a commercial Nvidia driver PET for the kernel for evaluation.

I have not yet uploaded the latest Woof used to build Wary 0.9.


wary nvidia
Username: 01micko
Hi Barry I just grabbed wary-090 (later kernel) and tried to install the nvidia pet from PPM but it fails. Could it be that PPM is looking in Puppy repo while the nvidia pet resides in the Quirky repo? That's where I found it any way and am installing that way. Cheers

Wary 0.9 forum feedback
Username: BarryK
"I have started a forum thread for feedback:

Later Intel drivers
Username: BarryK
"If anyone wants to experiment with later Intel drivers, without compiling from source, Patriot created some PETs for Puppy 4.3.1 that might work, scroll down this thread:

Intel/libdrm versions
Username: BarryK
"Note that Wary 0.9 has xf86-video-intel 2.1.1 and libdrm 2.3.0.

Re dbus
Username: BarryK
"Yes, certainly. Get it from the Quirky repo. Go here and download all four dbus* packages and install them: Then reboot. Wary has a later version of glib, but I expect the dbus from Quirky will still work.

xrdb -query fail
Username: broomdodger
"In console: xrdb -query wary090 fails quirky130 ok Well... all of xrdb fails in wary090

Re xrdb
Username: BarryK
"# xrdb -query *font: -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--14-130-75-75-c-70-*-* Xft.dpi: 78 for me, but I'm not running a normal Wary right now, running "Wary on steroids" with Intel 2.10.0 driver.

xrdb fails -- more info
Username: broomdodger
"I was interrupted and did not finish the post. In wary090 there is an error message when re-sourcing the .Xdefaults file, and after sourcing a changed .Xdefaults file -query prints nothing. ### wary090 ### ~# xrdb .Xdefaults sh: cpp: command not found xrdb -query prints nothing ### quirky130 ### ~# xrdb .Xdefaults ~# xrdb -query Rxvt.font: 7x14 Rxvt.saveLines: 400 Rxvt.background: LightCyan Rxvt.cursorColor: Magenta Rxvt.cursorColor2: Green Rxvt.pointerColor: DarkGreen Rxvt.pointerBlank: True Rxvt.pointerBlankDelay: 9 Rxvt.cutchars: \\ "&'()*,;<=>?@[]^`{|}.: Rxvt.geometry: 88x50+0+32 Rxvt.keysym.0xFF50: \033[1~ Rxvt.keysym.0xFF57: \033[4~ Rxvt.keysym.C-Home: 1G Rxvt.keysym.C-End: G

xrdb fails -- even more info
Username: broomdodger
"It seems xrdb in wary090 works/fails the same as puppy431 but quirky130 fixed it. Doing xrdb -h does not show any version info. Is it xrdb or cpp or something else different?

xrdb fails -- even more info
Username: broomdodger
"It seems xrdb in wary090 works/fails the same as puppy431 but quirky130 fixed it. Doing xrdb -h does not show any version info. Is it xrdb or cpp or something else different?

xrdb fails -- cpp
Username: broomdodger
"I do not know how I did a double post. ok I found it... cpp does not exist in wary090.

xrdb fails -- solved
Username: broomdodger
"I had no idea what cpp was, is my friend, man cpp. Now dev is loaded, cpp is there and xrdb works.

Username: Ramachandran
"Dear Sir Please check the download link. I am not able to download the Wary Puppy 0.90 from the link provided by you.

Re Wary download
Username: BarryK
"Go here to find mirrors to download from: ...any one of the URLs with "quirky" in them.

Xfontsel font viewer -- missing?
Username: broomdodger
"Xfontsel font viewer - wary090 does not work + quirky130 ok Searched for 'xfontsel' found: /usr/share/applications/Xfontsel-font-viewer.desktop Clicked on the app: Failed to execute child process "xfontsel" (No such file or directory)

NLS Packages in PPM
Username: L18L
"Suggestion for more convenience with "trim the fat" /usr/local/petget/downloadpkgs 247 ff. [code] #trim the fat... if [ "$EXIT" = "BUTTON_TRIM_FAT" ];then mylocales="`locale -a | grep _ | cut -d '_' -f 1 | uniq `" INSTALLEDPKGNAMES="`echo "$INSTALLEDMSG" | cut -f 2 -d ' ' | tr '\n' ' '`" export TRIM_DIALOG="<window title=\"Puppy Package Manager\" icon-name=\"gtk-about\"> <vbox> <pixmap><input file>/usr/local/lib/X11/pixmaps/question.xpm</input></pixmap> <text><label>You have chosen to 'trim the fat' of these installed packages:</label></text> <text use-markup=\"true\"><label>\"<b>${INSTALLEDPKGNAMES}</b>\"</label></text> <frame Locale> <text><label>Type the 2-letter country designations for the locales that you want to retain, separated by commas. Leave blank to retain all locale files (see /usr/share/locale for examples):</label></text> <entry><default>`echo -n $mylocales | tr ' ' ','`</default><variable>ENTRY_LOCALE</variable></entry> </frame> [/code] 1 line added: mylocales=... 1 change: 'en' to `echo -n $mylocales | tr ' ' ','` It will set the languages for 'trim the fat'. Tested in wary090 0.06 sec in 1.5Ghz machine. Regards

Username: L18L
"And 'trim the fat' should be [b]forced by default[/b] with NLS Packages.

Re list locales
Username: BarryK
"L18L, Yes, good idea, the first one anyway. Done.

Re Re list locales
Username: L18L
"The name of the variable should better correctly be 'mylanguages' instead of 'mylocales'. I am not sure what you are meaning by [i]the first one anyway[/i] ? But anyhow I will change the script for 'trim the fat' forced by default with NLS Packages

'trim the fat' default with NLS Packages
Username: L18L
"Here it is, almost a 1-liner. It is [b]just[/b] suppressing the ok button if 1 of the package names is containing the string '[b]_NLS[/b]'. /usr/local/petget/ 235 ff [code] <label>Trim the fat</label> <action type=\"exit\">BUTTON_TRIM_FAT</action> </button>" [ "`echo "$INSTALLEDMSG" | grep _NLS `" == "" ] && INSTALL_DIALOG=$INSTALL_DIALOG" <button ok></button>" INSTALL_DIALOG=$INSTALL_DIALOG"</hbox> </vbox> </window> " export INSTALL_DIALOG [/code] Labeling is another issue, but I think avoiding unnecessary language files is important for keeping pupsave files small.

Won't load withoud save file?
Username: neurino_
"I burned and tried to run Wary 090 on my pc having a frugal Wary 030 on it. On first attempt it loaded my 030 save file and was was starting to `upgrade` it but I could hit reset button before any damage (I hope, at least, somebody could tell me why there's no user prompt about this... are you so sure about anyone wants to upgrade and not simply give a try before??? o_O) Rebooted, F2, `puppy pfix=ram`: it keeps on loading my hda2/wary030/warysave.3fs file and I keep on hitting reset button...

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