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Woof uploaded, October 24, 2010

October 24, 2010 — BarryK
The last upload of Woof was September 11:

The commits that I have made since then:

version used to build quirky 1.3, simplified puppy filenames, streamlined search in init script

version used to build wary 081, plus some fixes for xorg 7.3
have applied script fixes from shinobar, just before applying -8 modem upgrade from rerwin
version used to build Wary 0.9, released 8 oct 2010
lots of buglets fixed after wary 0.9 released
modprobe.conf removed, new welcome1stboot, video upgrade wizard, alsa wizard fixes, etc
just before applying rerwins modem-wary090-woof3 upgrade
version used to build wary 0.9.2
fixed two buglets found just after releasing wary 092

For introduction and instructions to download Woof, go here:

So, if you have previously downloaded Woof, all you have to do this time is run this in the Woof project directory to update to the latest Woof files:

# bones download

Bones also has a GUI, just type "bones<RETURN>".

Note: if you have previously used Woof, it is probably wise to make a backup of your current "woof-tree" and "woof-bones" directories before upgrading. ...just to be ultra-cautious.


Forum issue
Username: Sage
I've lost John's email address. Page 2 of the Wary 0.9.2 bug thread on the Forum is serving up garbage this morning. I know this isn't the correct reporting item, but it's the most recent. Can someone contact John, please? And delete this.

Problem during boot-up
Username: WarMocK
"Hi Barry, I think there's a problem with the initrd.gz. Right after it takes over during the boot process I get an error: pausingBoot partition not found. Any idea what might cause this?

Boot partition
Username: BarryK
"It cannot find vmlinuz. Are you using a different vmlinuz than the one Woof would normally use? Woof appends the id-string onto the end of the vmlinuz file, which the init script uses to find it. If you are doing something strange, substituting some other vmlinuz defore building the ISO file, that would account for it.

Boot partion
Username: WarMocK
"No I used the one provided by the newest Woof. EDIT: Odd, it seems to work now. Maybe my PC had a little hickup on the RAM again. Oh well, nevermind. Thank you for all your efforts and especially for creating Puppy Linux. :D

possible error
Username: playdayz
"[code]Finding invalid symlinks... Updating pkg data in rootfs-complete/root/.packages ... cp: cannot stat `/tmp/rationalized_categories': No such file or directory[/code] I received this error message in building an iso after upgrading Woof, and the iso would not boot. I am trying again, and got the same error message. I had been building with that same woof-tree successfully prior to the upgrade.

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