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3G modem notes

November 25, 2010 — BarryK
Optus E160E
This chip only has one inteface, 12d1:140c, and it does not require switching. It is simultaneously a CD and a modem. It took me a long time to realise this. Wary 098 had a rule in /etc/udev/rules.d/51-modprobe-usbserial.rules, an outcome of testing between muggins and rerwin. However, that rule was messing things up for me and making the modem unusable.

I kept thinking that I had to achieve a mode-switch somehow, and put various entries into /etc/udev/rules.d/41-usb_modeswitch-puppy.rules. These did appear to perform a "mode switch", including the most recent inserted by rerwin in the wary098-woof-6 pet, however they all render the modem unusable (one or more ttyUSB* ports exist but do not work).

I created an entry /etc/usb_modeswitch.d/1d1:140c with this in it:


Eventually I realise that no udev rules are required, it "just works".

...perhaps I still haven't fully grasped what is going on here. Anyway, if I bring out Quirky with this 'zzz' package, perhaps muggins can check it out as well.

To clarify how the 'zzz' package differs from rerwin's scripts and data files. Mostly all of his work is still there. However, there are two main areas of divergence:

1. I am not using /sbin/pup_event_backend_modprobe_protect (written by rerwin), which is a protection script for firmware loading, module loading, etc. so that there are no clashes and things happen when dependencies are ready -- instead, I have my own light-weight mechanisms.

2. I am using the /usr/sbin/usb_modeswitch_dispatcher that comes with the usb_modeswitch package. Rerwin replaced that with his own script /usr/sbin/pusbmodeswitch -- the original reason for that was the latter is a Tcl script, so rerwin wrote it in Bash. I am now using Jim (a tiny Tcl interpreter) to run the original script.

I am still using rerwin's /usr/sbin/pmodprobeoption. Plus of course everything else, which is a vast amount of work that rerwin has put in developing PupDial.

3G status
I have written a script /usr/sbin/usb_modeswitch_status, that is called from /lib/udev/usb_modeswitch, which in turn is called from a udev rule. This puts up information messages, when you insert a 3G modem, and informing of failure or success with switching to modem mode.


Username: mugggins
Barry, where is your zzz script?

Re zzz PET
Username: BarryK
"You can get it from here: Note that I have uploaded it a few times over the last day, without changing the package name. However, in future when I upload it, the version number will be changed.

Username: 01micko
"I wonder if there are more versions of this device, E160E. I have set up installs of various puppies without problem with this modem for friends and relatives since last year.. even my Mum on a USB stick which I posted to Sydney in March (birthday pressy). My sister got it going for her and had minimal fuss, the pup was zigbert's stardust-13, directly based on 431. Oh, I even did one for the MIL!!! (mother-in-law!!) It's a very popular device and I have set it up with vodafone, virgin and optus, all prepaid versions. Just some info, I do think you were right in your thinking that things were getting over complicated. Cheers

not getting help on murga-linux
Username: Mahesh Chavan
"Dear Sir, I have posted some queries on murga-linux forum. But unfortunately did not get any response. I am using puppy linux 4.2 which works very fine on my p-III with 256 MB RAM Newer version 5.11 crashes a lot. 1) I got tiny httpd server working which comes with puppy. There is perl but without DBD. So, I downloaded tarball of DBD. However it can not be unzipped using puppy zip. says can not change permission. tar xvf in terminal gives error permission denied. So, I can not connect to any database using perl 2) I do not want to save the session data. However, is there any way to just save configuration ? 3) is there any quickstart for quisp ? My email is Thanking you -Mahesh Chavan

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