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arch, domainname utilities

November 05, 2010 — BarryK
These two utilities were missing.

I was experimenting with installing the ATI commercial video driver, and it reported 'arch' missing. It also reported 'makepkg' missing, but that is another story.
I got 'arch' out of the 'embutils' package.

Recently when installing OpenOffice, it reported 'domainname' missing. In Wary, I found that 'domainname' is a symlink to 'hostname', however the latter is a Busybox applet and that does not accept the alias 'domainname'.
The bogus symlink came from the 'net-tools' package, which in Puppy is cut-down, only has the 'netstat' utility, 'hostname' removed -- but 'domainname' and some other symlinks got through. I fixed the template for 'net-tools' in Woof, and fixed the PET package in Wary.
I got 'domainname' out of the 'embutils' package.

I have created a PET package named 'embutils_cut' with 'arch' and 'domainname' only in it. This is in the puppy-quirky repo and I have made entries so that all Woof-built puppies will install this package.

Tags: woof