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BaCon 1.0.20-pre

November 30, 2010 — BarryK
I have compiled the latest beta of BaCon, and uploaded a PET:

This BaCon compiler should work in any Puppy, it is not just for Quirky.

BaCon in devx
For consistency, I recommend that all you guys who are using Woof, upgrade to use this BaCon PET in the 'devx'.

Place this entry into file 'Packages-puppy-quirky-official', replacing the older one (which is version 1.0.12):

bacon-1.0.20-pre|bacon|1.0.20-pre||Utility|1168K||||Basic compiler||||

Then in your 'DISTRO_PKGS_SPECS-puppy-*' file (for example, 'DISTRO_PKGS_SPECS-puppy-lucid-official' for Lucid Puppy), insert this line if it isn't there already:


If you download the BaCon PET manually, place it into directory 'packages-pet'.

New features
Version 1.0.20-pre has these new features:

- New: CONTINUE to (partially) skip body of loop (all versions)

- New: reserved variable RETVAL will contain exit status of last executed command in EXEC and SYSTEM (all versions)
- Imp: BREAK accepts optional parameter defining at which level the break should take place (all versions)
- Imp: EXEC$ accepts optional parameter for STDIN (all versions)
- Fix: IF/THEN could not wrap to next line with '\' (KSH and BASH version)
- Fix: IMPORT using variable for libraryname could not import symbols if variable was redefined (all versions)
- Fix: error reporting in OpenBSD could crash in case of particular warning (BaCon version)

These improvements are documented in this forum thread:


Username: Iguleder
Barry, can you add a distro homepage field in /etc/DISTRO_SPECS? I had a really good idea. The Debian package lists in Insidious Puppy are 7.9 MB and they're way too much. Plus, having the package lists in an ISO makes no sense in this case, because the repos change a lot. So I wrote a simple GUI (similar to your Flash one) that downloads a file named "insidious_package_lists.tar.xz" from a subdirectory named "insidious-$DISTRO_VERSION" from the Insidious repository. But let's say people write more things like this one and want them to be generic ... If each distro version is in a directory named "$DISTRO_FILE_PREFIX-$DISTRO_VERSION" which resides under $DISTRO_HOMEPAGE (or something like that), life could be much easier. Could make things like the video upgrade wizard much more "compatible" with other puppies. If you think it's a good idea, you could also make Woof create a "$DISTRO_FILE_PREFIX-$DISTRO_VERSION" directory with the ISO and devx, plus a md5sums.txt. Oh, this homepage could also be used in the help pages. For example, if had "wary-098" under it, the homepage could be set to The distro homepage that appears in the help pages is the index.html but the URL can also be used for Wary files. Just an idea. Thank you for your time and patience.

defaulttextviewer buglet
Username: Iguleder
"Just saw /tmp/xerrs.log: /root/Choices/MIME-types/text_x-bacon: line 2: exec: nicoedit: not found Shouldn't defaulttextviewer be used instead? :)

re defaulttextviewer
Username: BarryK
"Yeah, it's an awkward one though, running a "text viewer" instead of a "text editor". It just happens that the main editor is Geany, secondary editor is NicoEdit in my Puppy builds. Of course, we could have "defaultbaconeditor" but perhaps that is getting a bit carried away.

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