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Cheap tablet input device

November 02, 2010 — BarryK
There has been some discussion recently on getting Wacom tablets working in Puppy:

However, Wacom tablets are very expensive, at least here in Australia.

There are much cheaper brands, and these sites explain how to get many of them working with Linux:

Here in Australia I can buy these, very cheap:

...probably the 6x4.5inch is too small? 8x6inch a good size? -- latter costs $91.20 +postage.

According to this guy, the XP-Pen works with the wizardpen X driver (same as the Genius brand):

Here is the homepage for the wizardpen driver:


Genius G-Pen tablet
Username: BarryK
I like the look (and price) on this Genius G-Pen 10x6 inch: is listed as supported by the wizardpen driver.

Re tablets
Username: BarryK
"Sage, These are not tablet PCs, my post is about tablet input devices, been around for ages.

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