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Debugging feature for Puppy

November 28, 2010 — BarryK
Long time forum member pakt sent me an email about some code that can be added to the 'init' script to aid with debugging.

This is a simple method to change the main .sfs file without actually rebuilding it. This was originally created by forum member 'bchafy'

Pakt's explanation in his email to me:

For easy debugging as well as system modification, the code below can be added to 'init'.
Just add a folder named 'precfg' to the root of the boot device (USB, CD, etc) and place in it any files (in their sub-folders) you want to overlay or add.

Yes, I reckon this is quite useful, I have put it into the 'init' script.


Very useful
Username: mories
Yes, a very useful feature. Even for customized distribution with pfix = ram. Two litlle errors: - Check-status (done) always, even when there is no directory "precfg" - Sfsdev can not be mounted and therefore $PUPSFSDEVMNTPT/precfg not exist

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