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DejaVu fonts 2.31

November 04, 2010 — BarryK
Woof has the LGC-subset of the DejaVu Sans font built-in, which only supports Latin, Greek and Cyrillic characters.

A couple of guys have requested that I change to the full DejaVu font, which supports many more characters, such as Arabic, Georgian, Armenian -- and some very exotic ones such as 'Canadian Aboriginal'.

I compiled them from source (version 2.31) and have updated the fonts. They are in /usr/share/fonts/default/TTF.

Some installation notes for developers. When updating these fonts in Woof, first install them into /usr/share/fonts/default/TTF, then open a terminal in that directory and run this:

# mkfontscale
# mkfontdir

...this creates 'fonts.dir' and 'fonts.scale' that can also be copied into Woof.

The 'fc-cache' utility should also be run, but this is done by the '3builddistro' script.

DejaVu home page:


Newer DejaVu / outdated Puppy link
Username: Sit Heel Speak
Hi Barry, The current version of DejaVu fonts is 2.32, see their wiki download page Also, I see that Puppy is listed further down on that page, alongside Debian and Ubuntu, as a Linux distro that contains DejaVu. Our listing, however, is linked to a dead page, the old puppyos. So, you may want to request of the DejaVu crew that they update their link to our homepage, on their wiki Download page, and wherever else they advertise us. Best, Philip

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