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Firefox PET improved

November 13, 2010 — BarryK
There is a Firefox PET in the 'puppy-wary5' repository on, version 3.6.9 -- not the latest, but I haven't got the time right now to compile the latest.

Forum member 'pemasu' reported that a symlink had to be created from /usr/bin/firefox to /opt/ to get it to work from the menu. Not so. When the package is installed, a message pops up asking to reboot before using Firefox, and on the reboot the paths get setup correctly.

However, that message was a yaf-splash message that disappears on mouse-over, and it is possible that it can go away before it is read. So, I have made it more prominent and requiring clicking a close-box to make it go away.

There was one thing "wrong" with the Firefox PET, the menu font was too small, so I fixed that, plus fixed some default web-page font choices. I also fixed the divergence to the Firefox home page at first start -- now it only brings up the Puppy home page.

I have re-uploaded the PET, '', note that I have left it as the same filename as before.



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"Vanilla .deb file? They used to have loadsa 'buntu versions, static, dynamic and boosted (I lie, I thought that one sounded good) files to choose. Some would work, some wouldn't. In 'doze it was easy because the new version would simply overwrite the existing and migrate all the settings, etc. It doesn't quite happen like that in Linux -one has to store data separately; besides, naively, I'd assumed that only Lupu would respond as you suggest. Perhaps definitive guidance on the Forum?

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