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HOWTO: programming

November 18, 2010 — BarryK
Puppy has always had a "HOWTO: write programs" local help page.

However, for for a long time I have been thinking that it would be more useful if online. I see often in the Puppy Forum, people asking what languages they should program in.

So, I have moved this HOWTO online:


Where to put SFS
Username: ICPUG
Very interesting and useful synopsis of the power of Puppy and its devx.sfs. Just one point - you mention putting the sfs in the /mnt/home or the same place as the pupsave file. If running a frugal install in a subdirectory. The /mnt/home is at the root of the partition holding the pupsave file and not in the same directory as the pupsave file. I am prepared to be contradicted on this. Wary has been changing things so much recently I may be out of date. Certainly true of current official puppies.

Two debs fix
Username: Iguleder
"Barry, take a look at inline_get_compat: case $INLINE_PASSED1 in 1download) FILESPEC="`cat $PKGLISTS_COMPAT | grep "$pPATTERN" | cut -f 7,8 -d '|' | tr '|' '/' | tr '\n' ' ' | tr -s ' ' | sed -e 's% $%%'`" #...ex: pool/main/a/aide/aide_0.13.1-10ubuntu1_i386.deb pool/main/a/aide/aide-common_0.13.1-10ubuntu1_all.deb If you have "aide" (just an example) in two repositories, FILESPEC will contain two "aide" packages. Both will be downloaded, processed and included in the main SFS. To fix this problem, a loop needs to scan the packages in the third field of the current DISTRO_PKGS_SPECS entry and filter one FILESPEC entry for it, so each package has just one file.

how to write programs
Username: disciple
"Thanks Barry, you write nice documentation :) You might consider adding xdotool to the list of tools to aid with scripting - it does a lot of things people often ask how to do It would also be good to encourage the use of gtkbuilder nowadays rather than just libglade.

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