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November 24, 2010 — BarryK
I am experimenting with my 'zzz' simplified boot and module loading.

The current project is to extend it to support the 3G dual-mode modems.

It is very complicated, and to help with understanding, I decided to install a pristine usb-modeswitch package, without all of the customisation that is in Puppy.

The usb-modeswitch package has one Tcl script, so I installed Jim, which is a tiny Tcl interpreter -- the stripped binary is just 179KB and has everything needed to run the script.

Jim pages:

...I installed version 0.63.

Note, regarding the future of this 'zzz' package, I might use it for the next release of Quirky, as that is the appropriate venue for experiments.


jimtcl fork
Username: mugggins
Barry, are you aware of the jimtcl fork here:

jim changes already merged
Username: technosaurus
"@muggins According to the link you provided: "These changes and more are now merged into the mainline Jim Tcl repository."

Username: mugggins
"yes, i saw that...just after I posted to barry's blog! tks

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