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jwmconfig2 bugfix

November 20, 2010 — BarryK
There has been discussion in the Wary 098 Forum thread about the JWM Configuration tool messing up the JWM tray (it disappears) when the option to apply the GTK theme to JWM is chosen.

Thanks to Karl Godt who figured this out, and Ravensrest who posted a tidied-up script:

I have now created PET '' that will be the default choice in all Woof-built puppies. I will upload it soon.

There is still the so-called application of the GTK theme to JWM to fix: try it and you will know what I mean!


jwmconfig2 fix
Username: shinobar
The script does not work. We need to remove lines 47-53 from /usr/local/jwmconfig2/gtk2jwm. But still i don't see what for this function is. I suppose we are beter to remove this function as lupu-5.2beta(micko) did. And does not include the fix for other functions. Uploaded with all recent fixes but removed the gtk2jwm from the menu.

Re jwmconfig2
Username: BarryK
"When the gtk2jwm fix was posted, I tested it and it worked for me. Anyway, yes, your pet does have some other fixes in it. I think that my pet has deviated a bit from that one. Anyway, I will use your pet for Wary final.

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