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Modem wary098-woof-5 upgrade

November 20, 2010 — BarryK
I have applied rerwin's latest modem upgrade, '', see forum:

I have rewritten one of the boot scripts, /sbin/pup_event_backend_modprobe, greatly simplified and with basic multithreading protection. It fixes the muted-sound problem on my laptop. This is experimental so is not in Woof, but as a separate PET:

If you are having problems with sound muted at boot, or network connection not remembered at bootup, try this. Ideally, it should be builtin, when Puppy is created, so it is there at first boot, but anyway, you can grab the PET and try it on subsequent boots.

My PET should work on all recent puppies, not just Wary.


Script syntax error
Username: BarryK
That is interesting, another difference between using #!/bin/sh and #!/bin/ash on the shebang line. In my simplified script /sbin/pup_event_backend_modprobe and /etc/rc.d/functions4puppy4, I had lines like this: SLEEPU=$((${$} \* 10)) Which is fine with Ash, however /bin/sh (which is a symlink to /bin/bash) gives a syntax error -- the latter objects to the back-slash. Fortunately I am using Ash for the scripts, so the PET does not need to be fixed.

Username: Sage
"When I load, sound is activated but net connection is errr disconnected. When I SNS, the network signs up again and - guess what - sound disconnects! All bog std. HW.

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