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NicoEdit 2.5.3

November 11, 2010 — BarryK
We had a problem with NicoEdit crashing when File -> Open was selected for non-utf8 locales. I have been communicating with Nicolas, the author of NicoEdit, and he has helped me to fix this. It now works for both non-utf8 and utf8 locales.

I also added BaCon syntax highlighting to NicoEdit.

You can download the latest NicoEdit PET package, however I upgraded a few other things, that will be necessary to get BaCon hightlighting to work. Those things are:

I modified /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/language-styles/bacon.lang. It had the mime-type as "text/x-bac", however that is inconsistent with usual naming practice. I am using "text/x-bacon". All Woof-built puppies will now have this file. PET for Wary:

I added BaCon support into the 'shared-mime-info' package -- I already posted about this, but I have upgraded the package some more. I ran the 'update-mime-database' utility and have put the updated 'magic' etc files into the 'shared-mime-info' package. All Woof-built puppies use this package.

I added BaCon mime handling for Rox-Filer. The file /root/Choices/MIME-types/text_x-bacon is in rootfs-skeleton so will be in all Woof-built puppies.

Any Woof-built Puppy that chooses to include NicoEdit, will use this PET:

The latest source, nicoedit-2.5.3.tar.gz, is here:

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