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Pburn 3.3.0 issues

November 27, 2010 — BarryK
Pburn hangs
I am using Pburn to copy some audio CDs, in Quirky 1.4. Works great, except when I clicked the "Retrieve CD-text from disc or Internet" button, another window popped up, but then the application hung. In fact, I had to kill X to stop all the processes running.

Cannot make multiple copies
A usage detail. There doesn't seem to be any way to make multiple copies. After making a copy, there is a button that seems to be for that purpose, but it isn't. I only have one drive, so a temp storage is used. After making one copy, that temp storage is deleted, there is no way (or no way that is obvious) to make multiple copies from that same temp storage.

To make a second copy, I had to go through the entire process of copying off the original.

Do-nothing window
Although CD-copying works, there is something puzzling. Why does a little window appear top-left of screen: doesn't seem to do anything.


PBurn questions
Username: 8-bit
I run Puppy Lucid 5.11 and I did a burn of some mp3 files I got using streamtuner and streamripper and then burnt them to an audio CD. It worked fine. If you have comments or questions about PBurn 3.3.0, why not just drop by the forum and post to Zigbert in the Post concerning the application?

Re Pburn
Username: BarryK
"I did. Zigbert responded and we have already had some conversation about the issues.

Re posting to blog
Username: BarryK
"Note that my blog is where I most often post to. Sometimes spontaneously, while I am thinking of something. Then soon after I might post on the forum with a link to relevant blog post. Which is what I did in this case.

re. Pburn
Username: zigbert
"I see it rather logical for Barry to post here. Like this he can easily go back in development timeline. That is the reason why I answered in the Pburn thread. Sigmund

mutiple copies
Username: joe.c
"I have 2 cd drives and can copy from drive to drive on the fly in windows but have never been able to do it with pburn, i have to use the on the fly option because my pup save file is too small for temp storage, my entire drive is fat 32. When i want to make copies of cd with puppy i use Asunder to rip the cd to wave files, to a folder on my HD , it can rip a cd to WAVE files in about 2min. I then use pburn to make the CDs, i usualy set it to burn at 8x but it does what it wants to, usualy 24x, but they play fine. The point is it takes about 2min. to rip cd to wav. and then you can make as many CDs as you want and when you are finished delete the folder with the wav. files joe c.

Pburn fix
Username: zigbert
"I have made an attempt to fix Pburn. 3.3.1 works ok for me in Quirky 1.4, but since I couldn't reproduce your freeze of X, it would be good if you could check it out... There were 2 main differences between Puppy 5.1.1 and Quirky 1.4: 1.) icedax in Quirky does not work properly if target/*.inf is set to a hidden dir. - Pburn has the default temporary dir: $HOME/.pburn, and that failed. I have now set default temporary dir to $HOME/my-documents/tmp instead. This bug also occur in Puppy 4.3.1 2.) The bash (Pburn uses /bin/sh) interpreter is different. [code]echo "{3.1}" | grep -o "\{3.1\}"[/code] is true in Puppy 5.1.1 and Puppy 4.3.1, but errors in Quirky 1.4 Sigmund

Username: zigbert
"Correction of the previous post: Puppy 5.1.1: icedax does NOT place the *.inf files in correct dir if path contains a hidden dir.

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