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Quirky 1.4 coming soon

November 26, 2010 — BarryK
Real soon. Just to let you know.

Quirky 1.4 will be based upon the Wary5 PET packages, and in fact will seem identical in every respect to Wary5.

The only difference is the underlying 'zzz' package, which handles module loading and detection of 3G modems. The purpose of this Quirky will be to evaluate (and maybe debug) zzz -- for example:

1. does your sound come up unmuted at first boot?
2. does sound stay unmuted after a reboot?
3. network connection still work after a reboot?
4. analog modem detected and usable?
5. 3G modem detected and usable?

Apart from that it is the same as Wary5, even the same kernel.


Username: gjuhasz
"Apart from that it is the same as Wary5, even the same kernel." Does this mean that the same Xorg version will be used for Quirky, too?

Re Quirky, Wary
Username: BarryK
"gluhasz, Quirky does not promise any kind of consistency from one release to the next. It is for testing various ideas. Version 1.4 is identical to Wary except for the 'zzz' package. Sage, Yes, of course, Wary is still in the pipeline. adi, Did you try recent releases of Wary? Well, try Quirky 1.4. There are forum threads discussing 3G modems. My own experience is very limited, to only the two that I now own -- and even those two, I only kind-of understand them. P.S. if anyone has a surplus 3G modem, of no value to them anymore, I could use it for testing. I need more experience with these things.

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