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Restrained searching for save-file

November 04, 2010 — BarryK
I posted yesterday about improving searching for save-files at bootup, also situation of session saved to entire partition.

Playdayz reported problems with too many save-files being found at bootup.

Earlier on I widened the net to accommodate Beem's request to have save-files on a different partition than that booted from, frugal installation. Now I am tightening it a bit.

For a frugal installation, if in a sub-directory, then at bootup the 'init' script looks first in the sub-dir, if no save-file it then looks at '/' (top level, no subdirectories). It will do so in every partition.

If you have the frugal installation in say directory 'puppy511' then the reasoning is that is private to that Puppy (including same dir in another partition). If no save-file found, the fall-back is to look at '/' -- the reasoning beng that save-files at this level are global.

So, it won't pick up a save-file in say dir 'puppy500'. You would have to either move/copy the save-file into '/' or 'puppy511'.
It does seem to me very weird if it picked up a save-file in 'puppy500' and upgraded it -- the context would be all wrong, considering the name of the directory it is in.

Note, a Puppy that is not installed in a sub-directory does not have the above restrictions, it searches everywhere for save-files (ex: booting off CD).

However, do note that Puppy now has a confirmation dialog if only one save-file found, enabling you to back off and not auto-update it. I announced this a couple of days ago.

Anyway, we have to play with this, hands-on will tell us whether it needs to be tweaked again.


save file
Username: Bm
Nice approach. How can this be tested? In the next Wary? P.S. I also had the situation if more then 24 save files are found that only the last ones are displayed. I now restrict the total on all partitions not to exceed 20 or so.

Re save files
Username: BarryK
"Yep, the next Wary, coming in a few days. probably less save-files will get picked up now, so you won't have the 24 limit problem.

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