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Rox-Filer focus problem

November 07, 2010 — BarryK
This has been reported before, and fixes discussed -- search this blog.

The Problem is with GTK > 2.16. Icons in windows stay highlighted after a copy operation or opened via the right-click menu.

Wary/Quirky is using a patched Rox that partially fixes the problem. The first issue mentioned above is fixed, however the issue of remaining highlighted after open via right-click-menu is still there.

One fix is to do this in /etc/profile:


However, some applications, such as mtPaint will misbehave with this set.

I have implemented it in a more constrained way. In /root/.xinitrc, I am now launching Rox like this:

#101107 GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=true: rox with gtk>2.16 has a focus problem, partly fixed with my patched rox, but not properly, this should fix it.

#w468 on old PCs this sometimes does not start, see further down...
if [ -f /root/Choices/ROX-Filer/PuppyPan1 ];then
GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=true rox -p /root/Choices/ROX-Filer/PuppyPin -r /root/Choices/ROX-Filer/PuppyPan1
GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=true rox -p /root/Choices/ROX-Filer/PuppyPin

...seems to be working ok now, testing in Wary (which has GTK 2.20.1).


Rox "fix" reverted
Username: BarryK
Oh no, Rox is misbehaving. I have reverted this "fix". I got messages in /tmp/xerr.log, something like: [i]gdk-warning: XID collision, trouble ahead[/i] Then the Rox window was freezing.

Username: rox
"i've been doing it this way for quite awhile: my /usr/local/bin/rox #!/bin/sh export GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=1 exec /usr/local/apps/ROX-Filer/AppRun "$@"

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