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November 10, 2010 — BarryK
I have modified the share-mime-info package, added recognition of BaCon files as text/x-bacon, extension .bac.

This applies to all Woof builds.


Username: linuxcbon
Why not replace seamonkey with chromium (not chrome) , we don't need an email client. And also have an ad blocking hosts file.

Who are we?
Username: ICPUG
"Who are the 'we' to whom you refer, linuxcbon, and who gave you the mandate to speak for them. May I suggest that the 'we' refers to you and those of like mind. There is another bunch of 'we' that wants an e-mail client. Then there is another bunch of 'we' that wants a browser, e-mail client and html composer all-in-one, which is what Seamonkey is. That bunch of 'we' happens to include Barry at the moment, which is why we have Seamonkey. Hope to hear of your puplet with Chrome browser soon!

working on it
Username: linuxcbon
"I give some feedback to Barry about stuff, yes my opinions, but he is the boss, he chooses what to include or not in puppy ;) I am working on a derivative cbonpup but it's not working good, bugs bugs... too many changes. Do you know where I could upload it ? Who would be interested to test :) I am also looking for ideas and people to help :o

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