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Vodafone 3G works

November 24, 2010 — BarryK
I have just tested my Vodafone 3G modem, model K3571-Z. Using my 'zzz' package.

Here are previous blog posts:

Apart from the usual problem with PupDial first finding /dev/ttyUSB1 -- which reports "no carrier" when I try to dial out, after changing to ttyUSB3 it works.

What is really great is that it is working in both situations, when plugged in at bootup, and when I hot-plug it.
I never got it to work plugging it in after bootup before, so I am very pleased.


"...'zzz' package, I might use it for the next release of Quirky, as that is the appropriate venue for experiments. "
Username: Sage
Good move. Possible keep 3G, Winmodems, etc for a revamped mainline Puppy, which is where world-dog expects to find more comprehensive solutions. Important people don't have mobile devices (even PCs?), they have an army of acolytes back at base to deal with the daily grind whilst they focus on the issues for which they draw massive remuneration! Apart from which, it'll be another century before much of the world has access to all the new lamps. Meanwhile, Wary is looking just great.

How difficult to port this 'winner'?
Username: Sage
"Extract from TheRegister: "Meanwhile, the Norwegians have announced that their other mobile browse Opera Mini, which built around Opera Turbo now has over 76.3 million users, a 7.1 per cent increase from September 2009 and a 92 per cent increase from October 2009. Last month, Opera Mini users viewed over 41.6 billion pages, a 12.6 per cent increase from September 2010 and a 142 per cent increase from October 2009."

Another Timing Issue?
Username: NinerSevenTango
"Sorry if this is the wrong place to report this, but I think it might be related to the timing issues I've seen discussed. I've been running Quirky 1.3 with a full install for about a month now on my Toshiba laptop which has an ALPS keypad. Intermittently, about 20% of the time, when the machine boots, the keypad doesn't work. Restarting X doesn't bring it to life, it needs a reboot. I'm thinking possibly there might be an issue with when the hardware is detected, similar to the modem issues. Else why the random nature of the failure? Also, on this machine, the latest Wary on booting from CD won't connect up to my wireless router. (So I can't take advantage of all that nice crispy BaCon stuff.) It detects all the local routers but won't make the connection. If the radio works, why won't it negotiate the connection? Hope the info helps in some way, thanks for all you do, Barry. --97T--

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