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Wary schedule

November 06, 2010 — BarryK
So many great things have been happening, as well as bugs fixed, and I am keen to release the next Wary.

Rerwin is working on more modem improvements, but is not sure if he can get it all done to meet my deadline.

It is 9am Saturday morning here, and I will probably start uploading the next Wary late at night on Sunday, or early Monday morning. So that's 1.5-2 days away.

I am going to Perth early on the 9th, Tuesday, and will have access to my Vodafone wireless modem again, so want to have the very latest Wary for testing it.

For those unfamiliar with Wary, click the "Wary" category link on the left of this blog page to read progress reports. Also see my Wary intro:

...however, that page needs to be updated. For example, I have settled on the kernel.

We intend that Wary will have superb dialup modem support, with heaps of drivers.

Although targeting older hardware, the way things are shaping up, Wary runs fine on very recent hardware. The Intel, nVidia and ATI video upgrades (see Video Upgrade Wizard) help with that.

The next Wary will probably be 096, after which I will definitely have to move more firmly into bug-fix-only mode, as want to aim for the final release ASAP.


remaster bugs
Username: zygo
A bug in the remastering script has been reported in the Wary Puppy 094 feedback thread. I have reported a fix on the Quirky 1.3 feedback thread

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