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wget and proxy servers

November 15, 2010 — BarryK
This is something that I have never thought about, as I have never had to use a proxy server. However, I was reading that some ISPs, particularly in business environments, still use a proxy server, and in fact require that the proxy server be used to access the Internet.

If a proxy server is required, then all of our scripts that use wget will fail. That includes PPM and the Video Upgrade Wizard.

I would like to get feedback on this. Is there anyone reading this, or know of anyone, who is in that situation where they must use a proxy server?

If such cases do exist, then I will have to add an extra dialog into the Internet Connection Wizard, to setup the proxy server. These pages have good information on this:

Unfortunately, the Mozilla browsers (Firefox and SeaMonkey) require proxy to be setup via the menu Edit -> Preferences.
Although, if we know how/where the information gets stored in a preferences file (prefs.js?) then we could write to that directly.


yes, proxy is required
Username: dgcom
I work in corporate environment in U.S. and I can tell that most of such places require proxy for internet access.

re proxy is required
Username: BarryK
"I have also posted this question to the forum: dgcom, Ok, well, it looks like I will have to put in some proxy setup stuff into Puppy.

Username: Jemimah
"At least firefox and chrome use the system settings by default. It should be possible to just set it once in /etc/profile.

Username: peterw
"Yes proxies are common. I have to use them at a school I teach in, and I think they will be in all education establishments. Interestingly, Jemimah's Fluppy comes with the Chrome browser which I like but I can't find a way of connecting it to the internet using a proxy. Searching for solutions hasn't given me a simple answer and I have resorted to installing Firefox and, apparently, then Chrome can pick up the proxy from that. It would be good if there was a system proxy that could be set.

Username: Ramachandran
"Dear Sir I have already point out this on forum. I am getting internet through proxy via HTTP. Update is very difficulty. Kindly do something in this regard.

Re proxy setup
Username: BarryK
"Ok, I am developing something...

Proxy passwords
Username: drongo
"Corporate environments in Europe often require proxy use as well, probably so they can log and/or restrict surfing by employees. These proxies sometimes require a login name and password. I can set these up in earlier puppies but I haven't found a way to do this in Seamonkey. So, by all means, fix this for wget, but you may want to look at setting up auto-login for simple browsing as well. (If you browse on a Windows machine you get a pop-up the first time, I used to get this on Puppy but i don't any more. I assume the pop-ups use some proprietary Windows protocol?)

"Opera is more than suited to handle these protocols."
Username: Sage
"Although I'm ignorant on this, I was aware of rather positive discussion about proxies under Opera some time ago. Perhaps these help? Should be possible to do a quick verification using NOP or MeanPup which have Opera as default?

Proxy Servers are the least of my worries
Username: ICPUG
"Do any of you guys work for a company that implements security properly? Since the last time IM upgraded my PC: - booting from CD is disabled and you cannot get to the BIOS to change it. - USB sticks not supplied by the company with it's magic code on do not get mounted - I cannot hack into the Windows boot.ini cos I don't have permissions. Likewise, I cannot make grldr appear to be ntldr and hack in that way. result - I cannot even start Puppy at work, let alone get on the internet with it!

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