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Merry Christmas

December 07, 2010 — BarryK
I would like to send out a "Merry Christmas" message to everyone who loves Puppy.

It is coming rapidly upon us, so I thought that I would send this message now, with this great picture created by Lobster:

I am hoping to have a Xmas present ready, in the form of Wary Puppy 5.0-final -- if not, it will be a New Year present!

Anyway guys, have a nice relaxing time, think about the meaning of life, laugh a lot...


Merry Christmas!
Username: Raffy
Yes, Merry Christmas, too, Barry and everyone. Here's how Christmas is painted here in Manila: [img][/img] Cheers!

Froehliche Weihnachten!
Username: FeodorF
"Merry Christmas Barry ! My first year without Micro.... and I am feeling great. No more blue screens no more stupid error messages. All I have to do is - turn the PC on - and have fun! Thank you very much Barry for a fine system like yours! Lobster, Merry Christmas to you too ! Nice picture indeed. AND A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO THE REST OF THE COMMUNITY !

Bon No
Žl !"charlie6"Bon NoŽl Barry ! also Bon NoŽl to all Puppy community members!

Nadolig Llawen...
Username: Sage
"...a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! Enjoy the cricket.

Merry Christmas from the Holy Land
Username: Iguleder
"Merry Christmas, guys! Had a rough Hanukkah with the fires in the Carmel Forest, but now it's over. Let's pray for a good year and peace with the Palestinian friends. And let's hope Puppy continues to be something magical that brings people from all over the world together!

Boldog Kar
Šcsonyt!"gjuhasz"Merry Christmas! Barry and the community, thanks for all your nice work this year. Love from Hungary, Gabor

Bon Nadal
Username: escucha
"Bon Nadal i FeliÁ Any Nou! [img][/img] La Sibil∑la, Patrimoni Immaterial de la Humanitat

Merry Christmas
Username: ttuuxxx
"Merry Christmas Barry and all, Hmmm Aussie Jingle Bells Bless all your families and best wishes to all pupians alike. ttuuxxx

Username: kirk
"Early Christmas, Fatdog64-510 is out. [url]

Merry Christmas
Username: WN2A
"And thanks for all the gifts, Barry! That workshop in Perenjori has been real busy!

Happy Cristmas
Username: Ramachandran
"M E R R Y C R I S T M A S to All of you. Ramachandran

Request for Wary
Username: stevep
"Would you consider applying this patch to the xf86-input-synaptics driver in Wary? It adds a new option to the synaptics driver, called "JumpyCursorThreshold", which makes the touchpad less jumpy on (at least) these 3 netbooks: Dell Inspiron Mini 1011 Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 HP Mininote 1000 This patch is already used in Ubuntu and Lucid Puppy Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Great work
Username: AlexGM
"I just wanted to congratulate you and your colaborators for this amazing system! I just got it working on an 8 gig memory stick and I am in awe. Like my son would say: you rock!!!

Merry Christmas
Username: papos
"Joyeux NoŽl [img][/img] Congratulation. [i]Thanks and Merry Christmas![/i]

My Very Best Wishes..
Username: russoodle
"..for a safe and happy holiday season to Barry and all of you in Puppy's community. Here's to a great year in 2011, too. My warmest thanks to you, Barry, for the wonderful gift that keeps on giving :cool:

Joy to you for bringing Joy to the World
Username: gcmartin
"Just want to take a momemt to personally thank you for the efforts I have witness you make in guiding. You have been light to many of us and a beacon to others. You have a vision that few are willing to share. And, I thank you for sharing this. As I want to believe that many others, after watching you, are doing, too, what you have done to make the world better in your own way. Thank You!....Barry and "Peace be with YOU!"

Simply Reliable
Username: meditate
"Merry Christmas To Barry & All in Puppyland It has been both a pleasure and comfort to have discovered Puppy. Thanks to Barry, the Simply Reliable Puppy has become a part of our lives. May HE pave your path with compassion,peace and joy.

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