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pfix=ram, cd boot, fix

December 18, 2010 — BarryK
rcrsn51 reported on the forum:

This bug has been reported before.

Suppose I have a frugal install of Wary in a hard drive partition. I then boot off the Live CD using "pfix=ram" because I want to run Gparted. Wary still searches for the sfs file on the hard drive and loads it instead of the copy on the CD. If I have enough memory to load the sfs, the hard drive partition is then unmounted and I can modify it with Gparted. However, on a low memory machine, the sfs file is left mounted and the partition is locked. So I can't change it.

Ok, I have modified the 'init' script in the initrd so that if booting off CD with 'pfix=ram' then will not search hard drives (or USB drives).


'pmedia=cd' issue
Username: shinobar
Thanks, Barry. How about the 'pmedia=cd' issue that cause UNetBotin fails?

Re Unetbootin
Username: BarryK
"Why is that a bug? The iso is on a SD card, so you are booting from USB Flash memory, you are not booting from a CD.

Re: 'pmedia=cd' issue
Username: shinobar
"Cannot be a bug but an issue which arise by the recent change of woof. In old woof, the 'pmedia=cd' boot option searched all the partition on the PC including USB media. But with the recent change, it searches only internal devices excluding external media. The change causes a problem using UNetbootin, used to work with old Puppy's but not works with recent woof.

Re 'pmedia=cd'
Username: BarryK
"As I see it, the new behaviour is more correct. Booting with pmedia=cd, Puppy only searches optical drives for vmlinuz and the main sfs (and zdrv). The save-file can be anywhere, including USB.

'pmedia=cd' and UNetBootin
Username: shinobar
"Yes, 'correct'. Can be an issue of backward compatibility. Please be aware UNetBootin gets success with old Puppy's, but fails with new Puppy's.

Username: BarryK
"[i]Booting with pmedia=cd, Puppy only searches optical drives for vmlinuz and the main sfs (and zdrv).[/i] ...correction, the above is true if boot with 'pfix=ram'. Otherwise, searches optical for vmlinuz, but hd and optical for main .sfs (and zdrv).

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