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PPM: download fix

December 06, 2010 — BarryK
Another PPM bug fixed.

PPM failed to download from one of the mirror sites, reported unable to get size of file (

The problem was in script /usr/sbin/download_file.

If you are using latest Quirky or Luci, grab this. File is here:


Username: 01micko
Hmmm.. The discovery of your "lug bug" prompted me to test my code for downloading. It worked strangely enough but I am probably doing something totally ludicrous. I'm grepping for the permissions to look for the file, simply the "rw". Relevant code snippet, warts and all: THEPET=the generic pet name GRAB_PET=the full name of the pet and extension [code]#integrity check PET_SIZE=`grep -w "Content-Length" /tmp/docheck|awk '{print $2}'` if [ "$PET_SIZE" = "" ];then #PET_SIZE=`grep -w -i $THEPET /tmp/docheck|grep -v Removed|grep -v exists|tail -n1|awk '{print $5}'` #ftp sites have changed header format! 20101118 PET_SIZE=`grep "rw" /tmp/docheck|grep "$GRABPET" |awk '{print $5}'` fi[/code] I just tested with Cheers

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