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Proud owner of Puppy Linux cup!

December 25, 2010 — BarryK
I got a "Puppy Linux" cup as a xmas present! Added a photo to my "Holiday in Melbourne" page:


Puppy Cup
Username: ttuuxxx
Hi Barry what a nice cup, looks excellent, I personally like large travel mugs for coffee, about twice the amount of coffee, I'm kind of coffee nut, I drink about 2L a day, except for the 2-3 real hot weeks we have in Sydney, then I switch to ice-tea :) hope your Christmas was nice, mine was great, had the traditional Canadian Christmas dinner, turkey, ham, potatoes, pickled onions, pickles, cheese, stuffing, dumplings with sauerkraut, covered in homemade gravy. ttuuxxx

Username: Q5sys
"now I want one. :P Perhaps a way to offset server expenses by selling PL coffee mugs to all of us that use PuppyLinux

Suggestion on Puppy mugs
Username: Sit Heel Speak
"Hi Barry, a belated Merry Christmas to you and yours, and Happy Boxing Day to all you Commonwealthers. As a suggestion for useful Puppy mugs: I favor a high-handle design, like the orange Whittaker Mountaineering mug in the photo below. Those of us who still use desktop computers, our desks cluttered with power bricks, mice, and whatnot, are less likely to knock over things while reaching, with a mug like this: Even better would be what the U.S. Army calls a "90-mile-an-hour mug," which is the same height as the WM mug, with a high handle, but is wider at the base than at the top. So-called because, if it's on your dashboard, you can go around a curve at 90 MPH and, what with the low center of gravity, it won't spill...provided, of course, you have it stuck to the dashboard with Velcro on the bottom...

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