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USB install issues

December 27, 2010 — BarryK
There are a couple of known issues if you want to install Puppy to a USB media.

Unetbootin can install to USB media direct from the Puppy ISO file. It copies isolinux.cfg from the ISO file to USB media and renames it to syslinux.cfg. However, you need to manually edit syslinux.cfg, change "pmedia=cd" to "pmedia=usbflash" (if Flash media) or "pmedia=usbhd" (if USB hard drive).

Most builds of Puppy, including Wary, are using syslinux version 3.x, which does not support ext4, as shinobar has reported:
So, for now do not place an ext4 filesystem on your USB media. I do plan to upgrade syslinux in Wary after the 5.0-final release.


Bootflash issue
Username: shinobar
Thanks Barry for understanding. By the bay, the Bootflash has potential issue. Bootflash works, but it makes unusual format(USB-HDD). The partition the bootflash made starts from sector [b]32[/b]. [quote]# fdisk -ul /dev/sdb Disk /dev/sdb: 4043 MB, 4043309056 bytes 255 heads, 32 sectors/track, 967 cylinders, total 7897088 sectors Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes Disk identifier: [b]0x00000000[/b] Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System /dev/sdb1 * [b]32[/b] 7890719 3945344 b W95 FAT32[/quote] In usual, the first partition never starts before sector [b]63[/b], reserved for extended boot loaders. It is not apparent problem but a problem occurs in this case: Make USB-HDD simulation using usbflash. Re-format the partiton to ext4 by using gparted. Install grub4dos on this usbflash. The grub4dosconfig-1.6.3 and later refuses to install the boot loader because there is no room to install the wee boot loader, which has 63 sector length. To install grub4dos on ext4 usbflash, we need to [b]remove all partitions[/b] on the usbflash first and then create new partition by gparted.

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