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Wary Puppy 1.0.2 beta uploaded

December 11, 2010 — BarryK
I decided to classify this as beta rather than RC, but preliminary testing leads me to think that it could be bumped to RC.

Download live-CD (123.9MB):
md5sum: 86f501409c281bf7c382e5b206270faa

Download 'devx' file (100.2MB):
md5sum: 8f8c00b1b53762afcfdbda5007745344

Or, if you have already downloaded Wary 0.9.8, there are small .delta files to upgrade (23MB and 1.2MB):

Some notes about this release:

Modem handling improvements
My analog and 3G modems "just work". Let me know how it goes with your modem. Even if it does "just work" for you too, there is room for usability improvements -- for example, when the message pops up reporting successful configuration of your 3G modem, it would be handy if there was a button or something to directly launch PupDial.
For external modems, I recommend plug it in after bootup, but do test it both ways.

Sound muted
You should have unmuted sound after bootup. The setting should also be remembered after rebooting. If any failure here, let me know.

Mplayer no full-screen
This might be a JWM problem. I might not be able to do anything about it (like hassle Joe, the JWM developer!) until after Wary 5.0-final.

Feature freeze
It is strictly bug-fixes only now. I don't want to change any packages, unless there is a bad bug.

Woof future
There are lots of things that are still not resolved in Woof, or need to be improved. I need to make up a priority list. These will all be tackled post-Wary-5.0-final. Um, some of them:

1. The utf8 naming problem
2. Upgrading the save-file needs to be improved.
3. pup_event_backend and modem further improvements.

No. 3: rerwin has made some suggestions after testing Quirky 1.4, some of which are implemented, some left on the "back burner" for future consideration.


Latest zzz package
Username: BarryK
Wary 102 is built with ''. I have re-uploaded this an hour ago without changing the filename, so if you have downloaded it earlier, please download it again: Note, the reason that the name starts with "zzz" is so that it installs last when Woof builds the live-CD, so over-writes all other files.

Wary 102 forum thread
Username: BarryK
"I have started a forum thread for feedback:

PETs for Wary
Username: BarryK
"Something that I have put into the to-do list... Billtoo has created lots of PETs for Wary, posted in the Wary 098 forum thread: I intend to test these and upload them to and add them to the PPM. Thanks Billtoo!

Hso driver in Wary
Username: BarryK
"Oh one thing: if you have a 3G modem that requires the 'hso.ko' driver, test Wary 102. I posted recently about this driver: I have included it in Wary 102 even though I don't know if there will be any problem with the kernel's lack of rfkill support.

First time connected at the internet with Puppy using a 3g modem.
Username: adi
"I have tested a 3g modem (ZTE MF110). It was recognized automatically. I have previously installed zzz pet. Connecting was successful but pupdial does not connect without username and password so I putted some random letters as suggested here. I do not know what value to use for speed (default is 9600) but it works. The port was recognized as ttyUSB2 and the stick was hotplug. May be a dedicated window should be easier to understand and use. The stick is very different from old dial-up for the phone line. Other distributions have a special tab for 3g. This was the first time when I succeed to connect to the Internet with Puppy. Happy to try it tomorrow in a public place.

Re zzz
Username: BarryK
"Which Puppy were you using? Using Wary 102, it already has the zzz package. Yes, the PupDial window needs some work to make it more obvious what to enter for 3G.

Username: technosaurus
"a little gui to remove pre-installed-package before remaster with reverse dependency checking ... if you can spare 360bytes ... I just got tired of hearing about it in reviews and posts [code]#!/bin/sh D=$HOME/.packages/builtin_files PKGS=`ls -1 $D` PKG=`Xdialog --stdout --combobox "select package to remove" 0 0 $PKGS` [ $PKG ] && Xdialog --yesno "Reverse dependencies: `cat $HOME/.packages/woof-installed-packages |grep +$PKG |cut -d "|" -f2` Continue?" 0 0 && [ $? ] && for x in `cat $D/$PKG`; do [ -d $x ] && cd $x || rm $x; done && rm $D/$PKG && $0[/code] still need to add some things like the ability to automatically remove the reverse dependencies if the user wants to do so

wary-102 is here ok
Username: scsijon
"just checked if it was on nluug also, it is and downloading now. link is good as not on duty till after 10, I can burn and test.

dbus seems missing
Username: scsijon
"Hi, I have two packages now wanting various dbus and libdbus files. Did you miss this out with 102 on purpose or do you have a pet out there for me to associate. thanks

Re dbus
Username: BarryK
"Wary, like Puppy 4.3.1, does not have dbus. It is in the PPM if you need it.

Wary iso
Username: laysan_a
"Hi, I just wanted to ask if you might consider including a joliet file structure on your iso. It seems the ubuntu usb creator has a bug that doesn't allow it to read udf.

īt download Wary"Mik"Hi Barry I tried to download Wary 1.0.2 from your blog but the download is unavailable. Is there anywhere else from where I can download it to try this new version? Thank you very much for ur job

Re download Wary
Username: BarryK
"Wary 1.0.2 was a test build. 5.0is the official release:

Re download Wary
Username: BarryK

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