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Xmas holiday

December 12, 2010 — BarryK
I already posted seasons greetings:

In a few days I will be flying to Melbourne, to spend Xmas with my daughter. My neighbour will mind my house -- nice thing about a rural community, everyone knows everyone else -- and even if I don't know someone, whoever I pass while walking on the main street, I say "Hi!".

Perenjori is a sleepy one-main-street town, typically a few cars parked, no one visible. One general store. I like it.

Anyway, Melbourne -- the opposite. Almost 4 million people. I notice the bad air quality when I am in the Melbourne CBD. But, I like Melbourne too.

If you live in Melbourne and you have a 3G modem, try my latest Wary Puppy 102 -- if you have any problems with the modem, perhaps we could meet up and I will see if I can get it going for you.

...not Vivid Wireless 4G modem though, it seems to be a no-go with Linux.


happy xmas
Username: raymundo dionicio
This is funny, Redirected from Linux Today Merry christmas, Barry. :)

Username: FeodorF
"For all the Puppy lovers who would like to take a closer look at Perenjori, Australia - there you go: [img]file:///tmp/mtpaintF1dCht//perenjori-photo.jpg[/img] (40 photos in all) Regards, FeodorF

Interesting photos
Username: BarryK
"Interesting! The photos were taken in 2002. Since then, that newsagent/deli and the bakery are no more. There was an electrician/second-hand store on the main street, that has gone too. There is a fuel station just out of town that serves as the local delicatessen -- serves take away food. The town was in decline for sometime, but new mining projects have seen a recent upturn. The Shire has had a cash boost from rates from the new projects. The official site:

Username: aarf
"thanks for the pic link. my impression of camels tied to the hitching rails in a red dirt main street will be marginally upgraded. thought only qld was blessed with tiger snake ?
Username: aarf
"[quote]10 unpowered camp sites $12 per night[/quote] $12 a day for a small patch of just dirt in the middle of a virtual dessert at the back of nowhere. aud is so far out of reality it is unbelievable.

community broadband
Username: zygo
"Barry, Happy xmas. I saw this on BBC's Click TV show on Saturday. How many people in Perenjori? And how many miles from the telecoms exchange? OK maybe millions of dollars to lay the fibre to Perenjori. There's too much talk about superfast broadband when lots of people don't have anything reliable or just fast.

Username: B
m"Take a good holiday and best wishes for the end of year festivity and good health for the coming year"16 Dec 2010, 3:27"02028'

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