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zzz: coldplug and hotplug working

December 11, 2010 — BarryK
I had hotplugging of my 3G modems working nicely. That is, after bootup plug it in, it pops up a message reporting detection of 3G modem, then another message reporting successful mode-switch.

However, usb-modeswitch does not get triggered when the modem is already plugged in when bootup.

I got around this by triggering usb-modeswitch when PupDial is started.

The script /usr/sbin/pupdial calls /usr/sbin/pupdial_init_hotpluggable and if the latter cannot find an external modem, it replays kernel uevents, which triggers usb-modeswitch.

Works nicely.

Now, I have to think when to release the next Wary. I think tomorrow, and it will be a beta, not yet an RC. It will have the 'zzz' package, so you guys with 3G modems can give it a test run.

Um, and hopefully I haven't broken analog modem handling.


Username: 01micko
Will woof follow? I ask because I have been following zzz development. Works nicely so far in spup. I do have an issue with zdrv and older cd drives. The cd drive seems to think it's done enough loading the main sfs.. note that I do get kernel panics on these old drives sometimes because the main sfs doesn't fully load. I think that may have been my problem with wary_097 as is to wary_098 (097 worked great and 098 I could not connect with my acx card running live). Cheers

zzz into Woof?
Username: BarryK
"You are asking if zzz will get merged into Woof. At this stage I don't know. zzz is looking pretty good, see my latest Wary 102, but Luci testers reported sound problems. They must have done something that messed up zzz but I haven't had time to check it out. Well, Luci testers could download my latest zzz package and try it. Install it in your running Luci.

re zzz into Woof?
Username: 01micko
"Well, as I stated on the wary-102 feedback thread my acx woes seem cured. What I was asking if woof would be uploaded incorporating the latest PPM and download_file fixes. Anyway, doesn't matter because I have those fixes and will build a new spup with those and the very latest zzz package. If I just delete zzz from my woof tree the latest should download anyway. Oh, btw, seamonkey-2.0.11 is out, compiling now. Your instructions for compiling seamonkey worked beautifully for me in spup, only difference I made was to scratch the 'disable dbus' entry because dbus is in spup. The one issue I did have was the copying of the header files in making the DEV package. It may even be a bug in 'cp' in spup. I ran this: [i]cp -frL /mnt/sda3/sources/input040/seamonkey-2.0.10/comm-1.9.1/mozilla/dist/include/* ./ [/i] (except with my directory tree ;)) but it only copied the symlinks! I had to put in the long option for '-L'.. '--dereference' and it worked like a charm. Thanks and cheers. Oh and Merry Christmas!

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