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zzz: Telstra 3G modem works

December 10, 2010 — BarryK
It "just works" -- maybe. I don't really know, as it is pre-paid and it has expired. So, it all worked and I seemed to be connected, even got /etc/resolv.conf nameservers written to. But could not access any domains.

I borrowed this modem from one of my sisters. She lives just outside Perth and thought that she needed a Telstra 3G modem because of her location. However, she discovered afterward just how expensive the recharges are. Then she found out that the Vodafone signal is usable at her location, so she bought a Vodafone modem.

This is a Telstra Turbo pre-paid Mobile Broadband modem, and the chip is a ZTE MF626i:

Apart from the recharge cost, I have other criticisms:

1. I have read negative reports at about that cheapo USB plug -- the slightest movement causes it to dropout. One guy took it back to the Telstra shop and after much arguing was able to swap it for the older model, which has a normal USB plug.

2. The documentation is woeful. It doesn't even inform of the dialup string (*99#) and the APN (telstra.internet) -- I had to search online for those.

3. Installation does not work on XP. I thought that I would install it with Windows XP first, plugged it in, it reported installing the driver, then nothing. According to the docs, it was supposed to install a connection program and run it -- that is, a window with Connect/Disconnect button. But no, nothing, it just did not exist. So, I wasn't able to use it on XP!!!!

But, in Wary Puppy, with latest 'zzz' package, it "just works". Apart from the expired account. I could go and recharge it, but I am very reluctant to give any money to Telstra.


G internet - Vivid Wireless in perth

Re Vivid wireless 4G
Username: BarryK
"The guy should have searched first. Feedback is not good. I don't see any success stories with Linux, it seems to be barely usable with Windows, and speed is less than they would lead you to believe. Some links: ...many of these people have canceled their contract with Vivid.

Username: BarryK
"Well, I should have qualified that statement. The Telstra modem does not work on [b]my[/b] XP system. It did install properly for my sister and she also has XP.

Username: mcalex
"lol did a bit of searching, but puppy's dev team are better than the whingepool mob, so figured I'd experiment. knew it was a risk (hence didn't splurge on the gateway option @ $300) i wasn't aware of issues over the plug. will try to replace modem and retest in the xp box.

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