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January 26, 2011 — BarryK
Although there is some doubt whether we really need this (see previous blog thread), I have compiled the kernel (same version as used in Wary 5.0) with the old IDE drivers and without SMP and without tickless configuration.

PET uploaded here:

The .config file can be found here:

This cannot be used in the latest Woof, as some scripts do not properly recognise the /dev/hd* drive naming. I am working on that now.


re ide kernel
Username: 01micko
Does this mean 2 wary versions? Reason I ask is that nvidia drivers will likely need re-compilation against the "IDE" kernel. Also, I recently compiled nividia-96 for spup (missing in wary) though I don't have that hardware to test. Forum member James C has an mx-400, did some testing for me and said the driver is successful. What that means is that I can compile all the current nvidia drivers from the nvidia site (71.xx, 96.xx, 173.xx and 260.xx). That would mean a slight rework of the video-upgrade wizard. Let me know if you want them, but the latter 2 would likely be unneeded for the IDE kernel as they are for later nvidias. Also, pnethood-0.66.2 isn't at ibiblio yet. Cheers

Woof and /dev/hd*
Username: BarryK
"Ok, I have restored support for /dev/hd* in the boot scripts in Woof. While I was at it, I fixed a couple of other things in Woof. One fix was memory cards that show up as /dev/mmcblk0p1 (for example) -- Puppy should now be able to boot from these and/or use them for a save-file. Another fix was in /etc/rc.d/PUPSTATE, I got ATADRIVES='usbcd' even though I have booted off an internal IDE/ATA optical drive. 01micko, I don't know if the nVidia kernel modules would need to be recompiled. Perhaps, I will do a build and find out. Regarding pnethood, clarf has released 0.6.7, which I will upgrade to very soon.

Re test kernel
Username: BarryK
"You have to wait until the next build of Wary (in Woof).

First Impression : No problems !
Username: K Godt
"On The 2.4 GHz Intel Single Core machine [ 448 MB SD-RAM 500 GB HD ] which is actually not faster than the 1045 MHz AMD-K7 [ 512 MB SD-RAM 2 HDs=80 GB ] machine due to the bottlenecks of RAM and DMA speed , it booted without any problems into my luci-218(pre-511)-full-install. All data is ok , the loadaverage is as low as usual , drivers loaded , Sound O.K. When it is about ""old"" hardware I would rather change a CRT monitor for a newer [ LED ] one and replace the PSU,RAM,HD of a "desktop"-machine that has got 1000+ MHz . The former Xorgs ( 4-series )seems to work smoother with CRT monitors than the actual ones at the 5-Lupu-seies. I really think that this IDE feature had been "psychologically" missing for wanting to support hardware that is more than lets say 5 years old. I really do not know if more than 10 or even 15 years would fit for the actual libraries and drivers . I tried to compile 'dillo' for example , thought that these few K/MB would go fast and after 24 hours at luci-218 I have a 0.8.6 that will not download and 2.X would until now while disabling everything . "-D __cplusplus" and I think I can reinstall quite a few headers ..... So I think it is good to support older hardware but they also should at least be max RAM equipped and perhaps it is better to leave win3/95 on them than trying to crash them with demand for too much speed or just something new . But nevertheless, this IDE-Kernel is I think a good improvement for reputation and fits without scandals into the today's puppy-kernels ! While compiling dillo wanted this and that and some libs really seem to need to be compiled for the architecture zlib because of the crypt-drivers , but many warning/error mesgs aren't true. I must say that until today I do not know anything about how Xorg communicates with the kernel and it's [video-]modules. 'Nv' had been good enough until now . Have Fun !

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