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Catching up with reading feedback

January 12, 2011 — BarryK
I have got back onto bug fixing, and have been reading the Wary 5.0 feedback thread, hopefully fixing bugs as I go along.

Have reached the start of page 8, will have a break, continue this afternoon.


PPM looks locked up
Username: bigpup
While your bug hunting and killing I have an issue to bring up about the way Puppy Package Manager works. When down loading and installing a package, when checking for dependencies, there is nothing indicating something is being done. Depending on the file size, it can be for a very long time. It gives the appearance that PPM has locked up. All other operations have some message or indicator that lets you know the process is operating. For someone who does not know about this, it gives the impression PPM has locked up and stopped working.

Strong winds
Username: BarryK
"It has been very frustrating. Today I have hardly had any time online. My satellite connection keeps dropping out. Today there is very strong gusty wind outside, and I am wondering that that is affecting the satellite dish. It is so bad, in the time it takes to type this message, it could have dropped out again. Then maybe wait several minutes, or more, for the modem to re-sync. But maybe the problem is at the other end, the earth station.

Re satellite modem
Username: BarryK
"No, stating that the modem has to re-sync seems to be wrong. The modem reports all is ok, even when I have no Internet access. So I suppose there is a problem at the other end.

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