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Home again!

January 03, 2011 — BarryK
I arrived home yesterday afternoon, Saturday January 1st, 2011.

After the highly variable but mostly cool weather of Melbourne, here I am back in the heat.

A little storm cloud came rumbling by this afternoon, bringing with it a slight drop in temperature.

Oh boy, some drops of rain, and much cooler outside. Inside the house is hot and stuffy, my fan doesn't help much, and my airconditioner hardly puts a dent in it. But outside has become sooo pleasant.

Anyway, happy New Year!


Heat comparison
Username: ozsouth
Happy New Year. How does Melb's 40 degree C (as on New Year's Eve) compare with mid-WA heat? People say 33 deg C in Darwin is worse then Melb's 40 due to humidity.

Melbourne 40 deg
Username: BarryK
"Yes, I left Melbourne on New Years eve, so experienced that 40C. I was surprised! Where I live in the Midwest of WA, it is an arid region and very dry heat, so sweat evaporates readily. That makes it more tolerable. I don't know what the humidity was in Melbourne on New Years eve, but it didn't seem very uncomfortable. But coming from a place that gets very hot, my tolerance levels are probably different!

Took a fast ride home!
Username: FeodorF
" You left Melbourne on January 1st and arrived back home on January 1st, in the afternoon. This is what you call a racing motorist [code]:cool:[/code]. Guess you were going faster than 100 miles an hour this time [code]:happy:[/code]. Welcome back home Barry!

Hot here
Username: BarryK
"It hit 43 deg on Jan 2, here at Perenjori. Actually, that was the figure on the TV weather report for Dalwallinu, which is a bit south of here.

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