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JWM 500

January 16, 2011 — BarryK
I have compiled the latest JWM, Joe's Window Manager. Here are the changes since 493:

2010-12-26 06:09 +0000 [r500]  joewing:

* src/jwm.h: Attempted build fix for newer versions of fribidi.

2010-12-26 06:03 +0000 [r499] joewing:

* src/client.c: Fix a fullscreen problem with some programs (patch
from Patriot).

2010-12-17 01:18 +0000 [r498] joewing:

* src/popup.h, src/pager.c, src/event.c, src/pager.h, src/popup.c:
Show popups on the pager with desktop names (patch from Steve

2010-12-14 22:04 +0000 [r497] joewing:

* src/key.c,, src/desktop.c, src/clientlist.c,
src/parse.c, src/key.h, src/clientlist.h, src/event.c: Add 'prev'
and 'prevstacked' key bindings and fix the 'desktop' keybinding
(patch from Steve Neumann).

2010-12-13 04:07 +0000 [r496] joewing:

* src/key.c,, src/desktop.c, src/main.h, src/parse.c,
src/key.h, src/client.c, src/desktop.h, src/pager.c, src/event.c,
src/hint.c, src/jwm.h, example.jwmrc, src/main.c, src/move.c: Add
support for virtual desktops in 2-dimensions.

2010-12-12 21:16 +0000 [r495] joewing:

*, src/taskbar.c: Fix a crash when updating
_NET_CLIENT_LIST_STACKING and update documentation.

2010-12-12 20:48 +0000 [r494] joewing:

*, src/parse.c, src/clock.c, src/timing.h, src/clock.h,
src/timing.c: Add time zone support (patch from Steve Neumann).

This will be in the next Wary, but probably usable by all puppies and will be the default choice in Woof builds.

Joe's home page is down right now:


Username: 01micko
Some things have changed a bit, as in the way virtual desktops are changed, I scribbled a util for that: It should be backward compatible but may worth checking!

Username: BarryK

thanks to all
Username: f00-
"Looking forward to trying latest additions.. <off-topic> the opera issue with grab-boxes(?) getting mish-mashed on display of text seems rather less severe of late. css style might have some to do with it (or even the 'fit to width' kludge) - my style-less 'user' style renders it *very* clear and roomy but not all that pretty ) </off-topic>

Username: shinobar
"I compiled jwm-500 with i18n patch for wary-500m06. Working so far.

jwm5 pager
Username: f00-
"Tried the dotpet in macpup 511 (lucid base with e17 wm stock). Very fast jwm and new in pager is overlay numbers .. *but* oob the pager only orients horizontally - not so good for me as I like to use an oversized pager tray oriented vertically (it doesn't respect the vertical attribute for tray layout). Could a 'flat' (no bevel on bg edges) menu appearance be done? Everything else is great.

Username: valazza
"puppy installé sur disque dur est idéal pour internet:rapidité d'allumage et d'extinction. Installé en frugal sur cle usb ou autre mémoire vive il a un gros inconvénient: temps d'extinction lent car il doit tout mémoriser sur fichier *.sfs. Alors j'essaye de simuler sandisk comme hardisk pour une installation fixe sur disque dur. Pour cela j'ai du modifier initrd.gz. Pourquoi ne pas permettre une installation fixe sur ROM? Ubuntu le fait et sans problèmes. Merci et bravo[code][/code]"30 Jan 2011, 18:29"02091'

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