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Lucid Puppy 5.2 released

January 06, 2011 — BarryK
Lucid Puppy 5.2 has finally arrived! As playdayz states in the forum:

Over 3 Months in Development - Over 230 pages in the forum - Over 50 contributors

The pace of development of this project has been feverish and with so many keen contributors my hat is off to playdayz (Larry Short) for successfully coordinating it!

Playdayz has sent me this brief announcement and links:

"Lucid Puppy 5.2 is a Puppy through and through. What that means is that the *architecture* is pure Puppy--it just happens to be that many of the building materials (applications, utilities, libraries) are Ubuntu binaries. With Puppy founder Barry Kaulerís Woof Build System the packages could just as easily have been Slackware or Arch binaries. In fact, the Wary Puppy that Kauler recently released to bring the advantages of Puppy to vintage hardware was also built with Woof, using compiled T2 binaries. One of the innovative features of Lucid Puppy is Quickpet, a multi-purpose tool to install additional software, diagnose and install advanced graphics, and open LupuNews with its several tabs of Tips and Tricks and Instant Updates."

Of course, being based on Ubuntu Lucid packages, this Puppy is compatible with the huge Ubuntu repositories, and the Puppy Package Manager (PPM) can install from these, as well as a growing collection of PET packages (PET is the Puppy native package format) compiled especially for Lucid Puppy.

Further explanation of the new features in Lucid Puppy 5.2, including a partial list of the guys who contributed:

The live-CD ISO file (127MB):
md5sum: 37a843833b65e8246bb08c2913b823a3

SFS file for complete compiling environment (137MB):
md5sum: 19b0afbd87fc8cfa172a18111e95bdae

This is the most recent forum thread on 5.2 development. It also further describes many of the new and improved features and applications:

My blog has announcements of earlier releases of Lucid Puppy. If you are interested in the comparison, here is the announcement for the very first Lucid 5.0 released in May 2010:


Username: Bert
I cannot get into the Puppy Forum. Technical problems?

too popular forum
Username: Bert
"Thanks for confirming, aarf That's what I thought too. But itself (without /puppy) is down as well.. John is somewhere dep in the Alps...where's Lobster, we need a yodeler urgently ;)

Don't think so!
Username: FeodorF
"Have you checked the new user names? They sound very ... 1234... and so on.

Forum Down
Username: edoc
"We badly need an independent Forum mirror so that on these occasions when murga-linux fails we don't lose our capacity to communicate. If someone will tell me what resources are needed I will speak to my server provider about the cost to provide such a resource. ------------------------------------------------- Hmm, isn't loading right now. The computers that run are having some trouble. Usually this is just a temporary problem, so you might want to try again in a few minutes. Want more detail? See which nameservers are failing. Nameserver trace for * Looking for who is responsible for root zone and followed * Looking for who is responsible for com and followed * Looking for who is responsible for and followed Nameservers for * * The servers listed are working, but something else might have gone wrong.

Forum issue
Username: JohnMurga
"Hey, The forums has an issue, but it was not related to the load/strain, it was because of a problem with the hoster ... This is the first such outage in quite a while. Anyway, if you want it fixed faster next time send me a mail at murga(dot)phone at gmail :-) Happy new year !! Cheers John de Murga

Username: JohnMurga
"I meant ... The forum HAD an issue. It is fixed now.

Forum thread for Lucid 5.2 feedback
Username: BarryK
"01micko has started a Puppy Forum thread for feedback on Lucid 5.2:

unauthorized accesses
Username: Michael-2
"Barry, When pup 500 and 510 boot they make connections to and to The first connection disappears pretty quickly, but the second one hangs up and remains connected, even though LAST_ACK is sent. Now 520 is doing the same thing. This is happening with the live CD, the connection is made as Puppy is booting. This does not happen with prior versions of Puppy. I would like to know why this is happening, how and where this is configured, and how I can defeat it. It is not normal, viz earlier versions of Puppy, and it is not secure. It makes Puppy useless for any kind of secure computer usage, IMO. Barry, Puppy is brilliant. Can you explain how to prevent him from contacting outside URLs without my prior knowledge and consent? Is there a config file somewhere I can modify? Thank you Michael

Re strange connections
Username: BarryK
"Michael, I have no idea what that is. You would have to ask the developers of Lucid Puppy. I presume (hope) that you don't get that problem with Wary Puppy.

re strange connections
Username: 01micko
"Those addresses are called by [b]ipinfo[/b] (by vovchik), there was a little bit of uproar a week or so ago on the forum. I'm sure it's in Wary too, which to me is no worry as I am confident in vovchik's code ability and integrity. He would have to be regarded as a "senior" coder around here, many of his enhancements are in Puppy. See here: Hth

Re strange connections
Username: BarryK
"01micko, Thanks for the explanation. However... Michael-2, Something is still not clear here. You state that the connection is made during booting. However, 'ipinfo' is a utility that has to be called by the user, via the 'System' menu, or by the right-click menu on the network tray applet. So I don't understand why those URLs are getting probed "during booting".

strange connections
Username: Michael-2
"@01micko sorry I was unclear. those connections to the outside happen when the adapter is addressed. what I meant to mean is that the connection is initiated during boot while the adapter is being addressed. I found this by pulling the cable from the adapter and then using the console to catch the process when the adapter card is initialized. I first found the second connection I mentioned using ipinfo. Exploring that produced the ip that disappears almost instantly. I cannot understand the idea that it's probably OK because someone trusts the coder. It seems to me that the existance of something that insecure calls that idea into question. At any rate if you have a link to the coder or developer or an email that would guide me to someone who can clear this up once and for all, I'd really appreciate it. FYI, I asked about this on a forum when I first discovered this behavior. You can see screenshots of what I'm asking about. Thanks for any help you can provide. I'd sure like to be able to use Puppy 520 on my hard drive, but don't trust it. Does anyone know how to defeat this undesireable behavior?????? thanks all

Username: Michael-2
"FYI, the link above posted by 01micko gives the solution and cure, if anyone else is concerned about it. thanks 01micko for the link. regards Michael

Arabic layout support
Username: lin-boy
"Please I want to see the Arabic layout support. Also updating repositories is very painful I've to press Enter many times.

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