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Planning for next Wary release

January 29, 2011 — BarryK
Just to let everyone know what I am intending to do next...

Although I have some ideas that I want to work on for the next Quirky, it is more important right now to bring out a "minor upgrade and bugfix" release of Wary.

Right now I am putting together a shortlist, and plan to implement those things over the next couple of days, then upload a beta or RC of the next Wary.

I will announce on this blog, each item on the shortlist as I implement and tick it off.


Username: Sage very good indeed, far exceeding it's original remit for older kit. Will it be possible to include pcmcia/cardbus support {} which gave some grief. Others seem to have experienced this issue; not show-stopping in my case, though. The dodgy highlighting issues is far more critical, so hope you can progress this.

Video Cards
Username: gcmartin
"Video has been a thorn for most of us Linux users. In Puppy(s) a measurement most often used is "[b]glxgears[/b]" [i][b]Would the community be best served if this was in every Pup out of the gate?[/b][/i] ... versus ... Right now, no user can see video performance until AFTER they have imposed an upgrade via a PET. In order words we cannot see video performance using a tool, UNLESS we install something. It would be nice if the tool was there so that we can see performance effects [b]before[/b] [u]as well as after system changes.[/u] P.S. If there is another measurement of video performance already in Puppy before making PET changes, I'm remiss in approaching this topic.

Manual start for netconnection
Username: CLAM01
"For those of us who move around and use wireless net connections a BIG button somewhere to allow PERMANENT disabling of auto-connect to a wireless network will be a useful addition to every distribution. Automatic wireless connection to an open network connects to any open network that happens to seem available. Wireless net connection will connect to the wireless network of another computer. if open connection is not specifically disabled on a computer connected to a secured network auto-connecting Puppies will connect to piggy-back into the other computer's secured network. Auto-connect does not know its host is not supposed to be connecting there, and, with no indicator what "network" puppies auto-connect to, the puppy-user does not know if an open net connection is legitimate or a piggy-back auto-hacking into a secured-encrypted-etc. network. This, of course, is not a problem where puppies are used at home and maybe a school, and so connect to the same one or two networks, but it is for mobile puppy computers, especially if one is booted in proximity to an open computer connecteed to a seriously secured network, such as a law enforcement one, where they go nuts about intrusions...

Re glxgears
Username: BarryK
"gcmartin, Wary 5.0 does have glxgears builtin.

Username: GCMartin
"Thanks Barry. I had not looked. [b]I'm remiss![/b] Some Other PUPs I've used have NOT had this. So, I was never able to do before and after video comparisons unless I installed something. Thanks again for this inclusion.

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