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PPM alternate User Interface

January 18, 2011 — BarryK
Zigbert designed an alternative User Interface for the Puppy Package Manager:

One feature of zigbert's UI is that the window can be resized, which is one thing that has been requested a few times.

As some people might prefer the "normal" User Interface, I have implemented a selectable UI by means of radiobuttons in the Configure window. The "normal" UI is called "Classic" and zigbert's UI is called "Ziggy".

The scripts that I have modified are and, plus two new files ui_Classic and ui_Ziggy, all in /usr/local/petget/.

This is part of Woof, not yet uploaded. It will of course be in the next build of Wary.


PPm Looks Locked Up
Username: bigpup
While your making changes to PPM I have an issue to bring up about the way Puppy Package Manager works. When down loading and installing a package: when checking for dependencies, there is nothing indicating something is being done. Depending on the file size, it can be for a very long time. It gives the appearance that PPM has locked up. All other operations have some message or indicator that lets you know the process is operating. For someone who does not know about this, it gives the impression PPM has locked up and stopped working.

Username: Michalis
"Nice, now ppm is more usable but I find that has problem working in quirky 1.40, doesn't update the package list if I don't click at one package type. Just in case you haven't noticed tazoc has made an updated [url=]cpu frequency scaling tool which is better than the one already included. I think you should update it. One last thing, quirky lacks k10temp.

Bug in ui_Ziggy
Username: zigbert
"Barry You may have fixed it already, but will report anyway. Line 269:[code]<item stock="gtk-Business">Business</item>[/code]sounds logical, but I wasn't aware that while menu is 'Business' the filter is called 'Calculate'. So it won't detect any packages in Business category. The easiest way to fix this is to simply rename the category to 'Calculate'[code]<item stock="gtk-Business">Calculate</item>[/code] Thanks for including this. Sigmund

PPM needs a Catagory added
Username: gcmartin
"If we accept the fact that 1. The world is 99% Microsoft 2. Linux is winning people who are willing to look at it 3.Puppy is growing in popularity, too Then we should (must depending on which company I talk to) consider adding a category to PPM which is called "Antivirus" where it will show AV options (PETS) available to Puppy users/administrators. The Microsoft world relies on these tools, and every machine on the LAN needs to have AV tools, if for no other reason, but to disenfect a Microsoft machine....over the LAN. To increase Puppy acceptance when the "tire-kickers" pick up Puppy, it won't hurt the cause if they can open PPM, click Antivirus on the left column, and load an AV for their comfort and use against a MS environment. Hope this helps.

Re: PPM Looks Locked Up
Username: shinobar
"I upladed the PPM extracted from the Multilingual Wary-500m08. [url= 1. Inserted splash in many place to avoid the silence. 2. Fixed was wrong dependncy warning at uninstall( 3. I18n and avoid the menu lose locale. Note: zigbert's new GUI is not included.

Username: shinobar
"The PPM extracted from the Multilingual Wary-500m08:

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