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Telstra pre-paid WiFi MF30

January 25, 2011 — BarryK
Yesterday when I my satellite connection was so bad I was forced to use my dialup account (over my old rural telephone line, only get about 2.1 K bytes/sec), I wasn't a happy chappy. I contemplated buying one of these:

I am within the range of Telstra's 3G network, just, very weak signal. Telstra offer the MF30:

The main problem with these is that the 5GB for 90 days may not be registered properly at the place you buy it or when you register online, and you get cutoff after 30 days. Then you phone customer support and speak to someone with a fake American accent and after a couple of hours you may or may not have resolved the problem:

...the outcome of this lengthy discussion is that you have to tell the Customer Support person to put $1 credit into your account, which will reactivate it and allows the bonus data to be used for another 30 days, or hopefully 60 days.

What interests me is that you can buy 10GB for 365 days, for $150.

One thing that concerns me about the MF30 is that as I have a very weak 3G signal where I live, the unit will operate at maximum power, so it will be radiating like crazy right beside me. Plus, apparently it gets too hot at max. power and shuts down, not good in my climate.

Anyway, my satellite connection is running nicely today, so the above is for reference only.


wifi signal concentrator
Username: aarf
is ths what you need? and more there too

Re wifi range extender
Username: BarryK
"Ha ha, yes, there are lots of designs out there. I have a spare satellite dish, maybe I could even pick up an open network at one of my farmer neighbours :happy: The MF30 supports up to 5 computers, within a range of 15 metres. So I could stick it on the roof directly above my office. It has internal rechargeable battery so needs power adapter. Anyway, interesting to think about, but my satellite Internet is now working nicely.

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