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Testing kernel

January 14, 2011 — BarryK
I haven't been able to get back onto debugging Wary and Woof, as sidetracked by another problem.

Awhile back I reported a show-stopper bug with the kernel:

I never bothered to get that one sorted out with the kernel developers, as I thought that was the end of the line for that series.

However, recently Paul Gortman released, as apparently Intel are still using that kernel in one of their computers. 2.6.34.x is now re-classified as a "long term" supported kernel.

So, I contacted Paul and explained the problem that I had on one of my PCs. We are going to try and sort it out. To get the ball rolling, I built Wary Puppy with, and sent a preliminary report to Paul, various log files that show the bug.

Right now I am recompiling with my "special patch" that "fixes" the bug, and I will send a report on that to Paul also.


Go 2.6.34.x ! source
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