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XaraLX, wxWidgets problems

January 03, 2011 — BarryK
I have attempted to compile XaraLX (paint app) and Mahogany (mail and news app), both need wxWidgets.

It seems that none of the wxWidgets-based applications are very active, in fact XaraLX is a dead project. The latest stable wxWidgets is 2.8.11, however the apps seem to need 2.6.x. However, wxWidgets 2.6.x will not compile with GTK 2.20.x (which is what I have in Wary).

I have been messing around all day on this, basically a waste of time. Yesterday I also wasted a lot of time trying to compile Amaya, another app that uses wxWidgets, and it also is designed for wxWidgets 2.6.x. I ended up using a precompiled binary .deb package, which seems to work.

So, I looked around for a precompiled XaraLX. The Ubuntu and Debian debs are not suitable. However, MU (Mark) compiled XaraLX 0.7 r1785 (the latest) a couple of years ago for Puppy 4, and created an SFS. This has Imagemagick and GTK 2.12. The startup script 'xaralx' uses GTK 2.12 and this does not conflict with the main GTK in Wary.

I have repackaged MU's SFS, stripped some binaries, modified the .desktop file, my SFS uploaded here:

This should work in all puppies from 4.x onwards.


Username: ttuuxxx
Hi Barry I've also been down that path for the past 2 days using puppy 5 lupu, I've been trying to compile Xnoise, Xnoise is a multimedia player that uses vala and Gstreamer, I compiled Gstreamer, Gstreamer_base, libunique, taglib all as static packages, then compiled Xnoise as shared, and they all finished compiling, but I had a svg loading error, strange. But when I made a pet, the total size was only 723kb pet, well that's not to bad for all those static packages compiled into the main gui. Really if we could get it working it would make a nice alternative to Mplayer/Gxine. this is the website if you feel like giving it a shot on wary. ttuuxxx

Mahogany mail
Username: session
"I used Mahogany mail in Windows 98, it was the perfect complement to the K-meleon browser. Super fast, great imap support, and even displays html. Development (very) slowly continues; the download page for the latest official version released Aug '06 says it can be compiled with wx 2.7 or later.

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