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Xournal 0.4.5

January 03, 2011 — BarryK
Forum member aragon posted a PET for Xournal, a sketchpad/notepad that works with touchpad/mouse/stylus and can export to PDF. The PET was compiled in Puppy 421:

Very interesting application. I downloaded it and applied some patches:

patches from Xournal site. enhanced image patch:

# patch -p1 < ../xournal-0.4.5-sjg-image-rev7.patch
# patch -p2 < ../xournal-tinyimprovements.patch
# cd src
# patch -p0 < ../../xournal-0.4.5-confirm_close_fix.patch
# cd ..
ubuntu patch:
# patch -p1 < ../xournal_0.4.5-2build1.diff

# ./configure --prefix=/usr --localstatedir=/var --sysconfdir=/etc
# make

I uploaded the patched source here:

I compiled it in Wary 5.0 and uploaded the PET here:

For descriptions of the patches, see here:
...note, the export to SVG and PNG looks good, but patch failed.


upgrading save file
Username: bigpup
Barry, In testing Lupu 5.2RC the process of upgrading from Lupu 5.1.1 to Lupu 5.2 is being tested with limited results. You have said in the past that this is something you need to improve on. The process of upgrading versions of Puppy. Could you look at what is being found and give some input. Lupu 5.2 and Wary are becoming the solid base to any offshoot of Puppy Linux.

upgrading save file
Username: bigpup
"Barry, In testing Lupu 5.2RC the process of upgrading.

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