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'fsck' utility was missing

February 08, 2011 — BarryK
In the Wary 502beta feedback thread in the Puppy Forum, shinobar reported that the 'fsck' utility is missing.

I checked in Quirky 1.3 and it is provided as /sbin/fsck in the 'e2fsprogs' package. However, the e2fsprogs package that I compiled in T2 for Wary does not have it.
Instead, it is in the 'util-linux' package.

I have modified the template for 'util-linux' in Woof so that all future Woof-builds will include it. I left it in the template for e2fsprogs -- it doesn't matter, when a Puppy is built, the occurrence of 'fsck' in util-linux will overwrite any occurrence in e2fsprogs.

I have rebuilt the util-linux PET with fsck included (191KB):



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