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ESS modem driver compiles with

February 12, 2011 — BarryK
Very good news. I reported recently that I managed to get all but two of my collection of analog modem drivers to compile with the kernel. The ESS modem driver was one of them.

I have communicated with Jeff Trull, the maintainer of the ESS driver, and he has informed me of a later version. This is where Jeff posts the source tarballs:

I was able to compile the "0.6" version. This is great, just one driver to go. I reckon I can move Wary up to use this as the recommended kernel. 2.6.32.x is a long-term supported kernel, whereas (used in Wary 5.0) is end-of-the-line.

Here is the kernel PET with ESS driver (usable by Woof developers only) (31MB):

I patched the ESS source so that it will compile without the ESS modem card being present. Get the source from my source repo:

Here is my previous blog post on the kernel:

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