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ffconvert fixed

February 03, 2011 — BarryK
Wary 5.0 tester, forum member ravensrest, reported that ffconvert (in the ffmpeg package) does not work properly:

shinobar investigated a similar problem with ffconvert and found that by replacing the contents of /usr/share/ffmpeg with the files from another ffmpeg package, ffconvert worked:

I have applied shinobar's fix to ffmpeg and uploaded the fixed package (2.5MB):

If you need the 'dev' package (2.6MB):


ffconvert and ffmpeg version
Username: shinobar
Recently i discovered that the problem was a version issue. The problem occurs at ffconvert-1.0 with recent version(0.7 and newer?) of ffmpeg. That is why reverting the files in /usr/share/ffmpeg solves the problem. FFconvert-1.2 is now ffmpeg version free:

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