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Mageia is on the way!

February 17, 2011 — BarryK
I have fond memories of Mandrake Linux. But it became too commercialised (and got renamed to Mandriva) and I lost interest.

I have sometimes thought that Woof should support building from a RPM-based distro, and recently considered Fedora 13 ( ...briefly.

With Mageia 1.0 expected about June 2011 (, it will be time to re-evaluate an RPM-based build in Woof!


RPM & clones
Username: Sage
There is a view about that Madriva [i]will[/i] fail and take Mageia with it. Mandrake has had a long and chequered history, itself. There is also a cloud over PCLinuxOS - texstar fell out with fellow developers but is back. There are issues with most of the other minor clone developments. However, Fedora/RH doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon, despite reports of new liasions. Indeed, RH had an excellent year financially, even though there are rumblings in the trade about the high levels of their annual charges.

Username: mavrothal
"The truth is the Fedora releases are miss and hit. Some good some bad (F11 was excellent). But when it comes to RPMs is really the only game in town. An additional advantage is that thanks to OLPC XO-1 laptops, that is probably their biggest user base, they are still supporting the i586 architecture. Is not i486 but close enough I think. And you can always drop selinux... ;)

Username: scsijon
"I admit to being an early suse person (pre-puppy2) I did wonder if it would be possible to build a puppy from suse sources. ?May have a go when I am confident enough to woofbuild, although I would like a decent ammount of doccumentation on how one sets things up to create a build from a particular source tree. Maybe barry's next project after wary5.1 has been completed could be to doccument all that sort of information for others to work from in the future. He might even then be able to relax and just be puppy's guiding mentor.

fedora 14
Username: mavrothal
"F14 is using dracut for initramfs. If you use the generic setup is trying to load all kinds of modules. If you configure it for your system can be very fast. The YUM package manager in indeed a hog and on limited RAM systems is a pain, though it does a pretty good job making sure your are not going to break your system. However an rpm-puppy is probably not going to use any of the two I would guess.

Username: B Bucolic
"Thanks for the info, I hadn't looked into that. I installed F14 to use as a build environment.

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