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Repeatedly logged out of Forum

February 03, 2011 — BarryK
Today I logged into the Puppy Forum, only to find a few minutes later that I was logged out. Logged back in, a couple of minutes later was logged out again. And so on...

I hope it hasn't got anything to do with my new Telstra Mobile Wi-Fi connection!

Anyone else having this problem with the Forum today?


ok with me?

Forum login problems here
Username: Sit Heel Speak
"I have been on the forum often in the last 12 hours and have not seen such misbehavior. However, several times in the last month, I have entered my username+password and been sent into the forum, but the top subheading does not say "Log out (Sit Heel Speak)" but rather "Log in" as if I had not logged in. During these strange times, the list of Registered Users at bottom shows me as being logged in, but I am unable to originate, edit, or reply to posts, nor can I access my private messageboxes. The problem resolved itself every time by me just waiting half an hour.

Username: Sage
"Has been happening on & off for months, continuously for about a week, maybe two. This blog no longer remembers U/N & P/W, either!

forum OK
Username: disciple
"I wasn't on the forum for long today, but certainly haven't had any problems over the last weeks or whatever. Sage - the blog doesn't remember your login - that would be your browser doing so. Check your browser settings

Yeah - Same problem on forum
Username: gcmartin
"Yeah Barry. I actually have been seeing this erratic behavior occurring over the past serveral weeeks and it seems to be increasing...still unpredictable and erratic. I assume that there is some sort of maintenance operation(s) happening inthe background. Hope this helps.

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